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View the completed file

View the completed tutorial file to see what your finished project will look like.

1 On your hard disk, navigate to the FHMX_Tutorial folder you downloaded, and browse to Complete.
2 Locate the brochure.fh11 file and double-click it to view it in FreeHand.
The document contains text, a photograph, a three-dimensional (3D) illustration of a personal digital assistant (PDA), and a few other vector objects. On the screen of the PDA is a SWF movie that was created in Macromedia Flash. If you completed the previous tutorial, you'll also notice the logo you created at the bottom of the page.
In this tutorial, you'll import or modify these items.
3 When you finish examining the file, select File > Close. If asked to save changes, click No (Windows) or Don't Save (Macintosh).
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