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You've accomplished the tasks required to complete a document in FreeHand. While creating a sales brochure, you learned how to open an existing document and import a variety of content types, including another FreeHand illustration, a Fireworks PNG, a text file, and a Flash SWF animation. You also modified text, used styles, extruded an object, applied live effects, created a clipping path, and previewed your document in the FreeHand internal Flash Player.

From here, you can print your brochure or export it as a Flash SWF.

To learn more about printing or exporting to SWF format, or for more information about any of the features covered in this tutorial, see Using FreeHand MX or search the FreeHand Help topics. For more FreeHand tutorials, visit the Macromedia website at Also be sure to visit the award-winning Macromedia Support Center at

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