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Creating a FreeHand 10 document to be viewed in a browser

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Navigation panel in FreeHand 10 to add interactive navigation arrows or buttons to a multipage document so it can be exported to Flash and viewed in a browser.

Defining FreeHand illustrations for exporting as Flash Player movies

By setting up your FreeHand illustrations before you export them as SWF files, you eliminate many roadblocks to design and production. Read this article for tips about setting units of measurement, page size, color, preference, grids, and guidelines in Freehand to make your final illustrations more Web-compatible.

Creating animations in Freehand 9 for export to Flash

Learn how to use Freehand 9 templates and automation features to streamline the development of animations you export exported to Flash. This article covers using templates, paragraph styles, symbols and instances, and the Release to Layers Xtra.

Moving animations from Freehand 9 to Flash 4

You can easily export FreeHand 9 animations to Flash 4 by using the Flash Export Xtra. This tutorial describes the process.

Using blends and the 3D Rotation tool to create a Flash animation

Learn how to create an animation that rotates on the x, y, or z axis using the FreeHand 3D Rotation tool and a blend. This is an advantage over creating the animation directly in Flash, which can rotate objects only on the z axis.


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