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Creating a FreeHand 10 document to be viewed in a browser

You can use the Navigation panel in Macromedia FreeHand 10 to add interactive navigation arrows or buttons to a multipage document so it can be exported to Macromedia Flash and viewed in a browser.

In this tutorial, you will add navigation buttons to a three-page FreeHand 10 document. To add the navigation buttons, you will download the tutorial file to your computer, link each button to the appropriate page, and export the document in SWF format for viewing in the Macromedia Flash Player. This is particularly useful if you want to e-mail a document to a client for approval, but they don't have FreeHand in which to view it.

Download the Windows source file (8K)
Download the Macintosh source file navigation_arrows.sea.hqx (12K)

Link page 1 and page 2
Link page 2 and page 3
Test the movie
Export the file in SWF format


Flash Player, navigation, arrows, browser, SWF