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View the completed file

View the completed tutorial file to see what your finished project will look like.

1 On your hard disk, navigate to the FHMX_Tutorial folder you downloaded, and browse to the Complete folder.
Note: Some versions of Windows hide extensions for known file types by default. Unless you have changed this setting, the files in the Complete folder won't display extensions. When working with graphics, it's best to be able to see file extensions. For information about how to turn file extensions back on, see Windows Help.
2 Locate the logo.fh11 file and double-click it to view it in FreeHand.
The document contains multiple elements—text, a rectangle (with multiple strokes, a gradient fill, and rounded corners), a pen, and a wavy line that represents the ink drawn by the pen.
In this tutorial, you'll learn to create each of these items.
3 When you finish examining the file, select File > Close. If asked to save changes, click No (Windows) or Don't Save (Macintosh).
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