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Explore the FreeHand work environment

Before you continue, examine the elements that make up the FreeHand work environment.

In the center of the screen is the Document window. The Document window is where the FreeHand document and any artwork you create are displayed. The Document window contains at least one page. The white space surrounding the page is the pasteboard. You can work with illustrations on pages or on the pasteboard. Items positioned on the pasteboard do not print.
At the top of the screen is a menu bar. Most FreeHand commands are accessible from the menu bar.
On the left side of the screen is the Tools panel. If the Tools panel isn't visible, select Window > Tools. The Tools panel is where you'll find tools for creating, selecting, and editing artwork.
On the right side of the screen are a variety of panel groups. By default, the topmost panel group is labeled Properties. If the Properties panel group isn't visible, select Window > Object or Window > Document.
The Properties panel group contains two panels, the Object panel and the Document panel. The Document panel displays properties for the current document. The Object panel displays properties for selected objects. If no objects are selected, the Object panel displays the document's default drawing attributes.
Other panel groups reside on the right side of the screen by default as well. You can open these and other panels from the Window menu.
Move your mouse pointer over the various interface elements. If you hold the pointer over some elements for a second or two, a tooltip appears. Tooltips identify tools, menus, buttons, and other interface features throughout FreeHand. Tooltips disappear when you move the pointer away from the interface elements they identify.
The FreeHand workspace is configurable. You can rearrange windows and panels within the workspace. To undock a panel group, drag it by its gripper (the dots beside the panel group name). To expand or collapse a panel group, click the panel group name.
Tip: Many panels contain lists that are scrollable. If several docked panels are open simultaneously and you can't see all the information in a list, you can use the scroll bars, resize the panel, undock the panel, or collapse other panels.
For more information about configuring the workspace, see Using FreeHand MX or search the FreeHand Help topics.

You'll learn more about the FreeHand workspace as you progress through the tutorial.

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