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Finding and replacing graphics

Modifying your illustration can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of the design process. Imagine that you have created an illustration containing dozens of graphic elements with various strokes, fills, and shapes. With FreeHand's Find and Replace feature, you can find and modify every occurrence of a specific attribute without manually selecting each object. You can search and replace based upon any combination of color, style, stroke, fill, font, and name attributes.

The following procedure explains how to change the fill color of all the objects on a page filled with 0r 0g 255b to the color 0r 255g 255b.

To find and replace a specific fill color:

1 Choose Edit > Find and Replace > Graphics to open the Find & Replace Graphics dialog box.
2 In the Find & Replace Graphics dialog box, set the following options:
For Attribute, choose Color.
For Change In, choose Page, Document, or Selection.
Under From, click the color box and select the color you want to replace, or enter the color's value (in this case, Or Og 255b) in the text box.
Under To, click the color box and select the new color, or enter the color's value in the text box.
For Apply To, choose Fills.
3 Click Change.

FreeHand changes the fill color of all objects filled with the color 0r 0g 255b.
To change the stroke width of all the objects with a 6-point stroke width to a 3-point stroke width, you would use the following settings in a separate Find and Replace operation. Or you could simply enter -3 in the To text box.

The final result of these two Find and Replace operations looks like this:

For addition guidelines on using the Find and Replace Graphics feature, see Using FreeHand or FreeHand Help.

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