Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES

Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 2.6.1

MD5 Hash Codes

Use any MD5 encryption utility to verify that the LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6.1 file has downloaded properly. The checksum numbers and file sizes are posted below:

Language MD5 Size Operating System File Name
English aab436a42250855c4732323a69756449 196MB HP Unix/AIX lcds261-install.jar
English ab089d01e4f82b7ad0f9082fe669ba8f 228MB Linux lcds261-lin.bin
English 9392b20edb3d9983fb9c60355b40df26 232MB Solaris lcds261-sol.bin
English a293fea58d5f747c792a9bade5101d05 221MB Windows lcds261-win.exe