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Symbolset setting corrected in configuration files for TEC printers for Output Designer 5.4
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Corrects a problem whereby the TEC printer configuration files (both .ics and .tec) shipped with Output Designer 5.4 contain an incorrect symbolset setting for some fonts. The files have a symbolset setting of Roman-8, instead of PC-850. The Roman-8 setting causes extended characters to print incorrectly.

TIF2LGO Converter
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Allows you to convert from TIFF to JetForm's LGO graphic format.

Patch 345 for Design version 5.1.281
Size: 1013 KB

Fixes multiple printing issues.

Patch for JetForm Filler Calculation Issue
Size: 539 KB

Includes Canon print driver.

Patch for version 4.2.103
Size: 679 KB

Allows user to open previously compiled forms with greater than 400 fields per page.
Size: 927 KB

This patch corrects the following issues:
1. JFBatch Export to FIF 2. Regrouping Subforms 3. Cutting and Pasting Ungrouped Subform Elements

Design v5.3 HPIII Print Drivers
Date: April 4, 2001
Size: 14 KB

This patch provides JetForm Design 5.3 users with the appropriate drivers for HP!!! series printers.
Size: 1543 KB

When compiling form designs that use subforms, including the watermark page JFMain, JetForm Design did not include all boilerplate text and fields on the pages. This patch corrects this issue.

Design v5.3 - README for Design_53.exe Patch
File name: design_v53_readme.txt
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