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Using session variables in your Web applications

This article describes how to create and use session variables in your Web applications. Session variables store information and make it available to all pages in the application for the duration of the user's visit. You can use session variables to store the user's display preferences, the running score of a multi-page quiz or a game, or items chosen so far in an online catalog.

The following topics are covered in this article:

What session variables can do for you
Gathering the information to store in session variables
Storing information in session variables
Example of information stored in session variables
Retrieving values from session variables
Example of values retrieved from session variables

Note: In ColdFusion, you must first enable session variables by setting SESSIONMANAGEMENT="Yes" in the CFAPPLICATION tag in your Application.cfm file, as follows: <CFAPPLICATION NAME="MyApp" SESSIONMANAGEMENT="Yes">

June 11, 2001

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