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Building Common Applications

Arrow Aircraft 1: Database design

The article describes the database-design process for a Web application. The article is the first in a series detailing the development of a Web application for a fictional company, Arrow Aircraft Services.

Arrow Aircraft 2: Setting up the development environment

The article, the second in a series, describes how to set up a team development environment with UltraDev.

Arrow Aircraft 3: Page design and layout

Learn to rapidly lay out the pages of your Web application using UltraDev's industry-leading design tools.

Arrow Aircraft 4: Restricting access to the site

Learn how the pages of the Arrow Aircraft site were password-protected using Dreamweaver UltraDev.

Arrow Aircraft 5: Using session variables

You can use session variables to improve the performance of your Web applications. Read this case study to find out how.

Arrow Aircraft 6: Working with dates in JSP

Learn how to work with dates in your JSP applications in this case study.

Arrow Aircraft 7: Separating logic from presentation

This article, the seventh in a series, describes how you can separate logic from presentation in JSP pages. This kind of separation can enable your designers and developers to work more efficiently.

Deploying a Web application

Learn how to deploy your Web application after you finish building it with Dreamweaver UltraDev.

Password protecting pages 1: Building a registration page

This article describes how to build a page that lets users choose a user name and password. The article is the first in a series that describes how to build password protected pages.

Password protecting pages 2: Building a login page

This article, the second in a series, describes how to build a page that lets users gain access to your site with their registered user name and password.

Password protecting pages 3: Restricting page access to authorized users

This article, the last in a series, describes how to restrict page access to users who have entered the correct user name and password.

Building a simple database search feature

This article provides a basic template for building a database-search feature for your site. Once built, you can use the feature as is or you can use it as a starting point for adding more features.

Building a multiple-parameter search feature

Build a database search feature that lets users enter more than one search parameter, and create sophisticated search conditions for it with SQL (Structured Query Language).

Alerting the users when no records are found

Give your database search feature the ability to automatically alert users when no records are found.

Displaying results on multiple pages

Some database searches may return too many records to display on one page. This article describes how to modify a results page so that it can display records over several pages.

Using session variables in your Web applications

Learn how to use session variables to store information for the duration of a user's visit.

Working with the UltraDev reference material

Use UltraDev's Reference panel to quickly access HTML, JavaScript, and CSS documentation. Download and install free ASP, ColdFusion, JSP, and PHP documentation.

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