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Building a simple database search feature

You can use Dreamweaver UltraDev to build pages that let users search your databases. This article describes how to build a basic set of pages that lets users conduct database searches based on a single search parameter, then lets them read the results on a single page.

If you want to let users read search results over several pages (for example, when the search returns too many records to fit on one page), read this article in conjunction with the following article: Displaying Results on Multiple Pages. To find out about creating a search feature that lets users conduct searches based on multiple search parameters, see Building a multiple-parameter search function.

Building a basic search feature for your site involves the following tasks:

Obtaining the search parameter from the user
Defining a filtered recordset for the results page
Adding an HTML table to the results page
Adding dynamic content to the HTML table
Applying a repeat region to the HTML table
Customizing the table's appearance

29 January 2001

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