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Creating UltraDev server behaviors using custom tags

If you use the same custom tag in many of your UltraDev projects, you can create an UltraDev server behavior based on it. The server behavior ensures that your code is consistent and accurate.

Creating alternating color repeat regions

Learn how to make a repeat region alternate colors in your ASP, ColdFusion, or JSP pages.

Creating dynamic e-mail links

Generate dynamic e-mail links by linking text to e-mail addresses in your database.

Creating simple ColdFusion custom tags

Learn how to quickly create simple custom ColdFusion tags in Dreamweaver UltraDev. Custom tags let you separate logic from presentation in your code, helping both the designers and the developers on your team get the job done.

Displaying dynamic data in pop-up windows

Use pop-up windows to display the dynamic contents of a detail page. When your detail page opens in a new browser, your results page remains visible behind it.

Displaying records horizontally

A repeat region typically displays database records vertically down the page. Learn how to create repeat regions that display the records horizontally across the page.

Displaying session variables in UltraDev

Learn how to create and use session variables in ASP, ColdFusion, and JSP.

Pop-up windows and caching problems

Learn how caching in dynamic pop-up windows may present problems during the development process.

Resizing tables in the Dreamweaver UltraDev 1 Document window

Visually resizing tables with selection handles can be tricky when you are displaying dynamic content in UltraDev. This article outlines two other methods for visually resizing tables that make the process more predictable. One method involves working in the Live Data window, which displays actual data instead of placeholders. The second method involves hiding the placeholders in the Document window.

Using checkboxes and radio buttons to display dynamic data

Retrieve information from your database and display it in the form of a checked box or selected radio button.

Using dynamic images

Add images to your Web page that change as users move from record to record.


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