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Creating UltraDev server behaviors using custom tags

Macromedia ColdFusion and JavaServer Pages (JSP) let you create tags for your pages to carry out custom tasks. Once created, you can manually enter these tags in your pages in Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev. If you plan on using a custom tag frequently, you can package it as an UltraDev server behavior and add it to the list of server behaviors in the Server Behaviors panel for quick access. When you select the new server behavior in the panel, UltraDev instantly inserts the tag into your code.

This article describes how to build an UltraDev server behavior using an existing custom tag.

About the example custom tag
Creating a tag-based server behavior
Using the new server behavior

For information on creating ColdFusion custom tags, see Creating simple ColdFusion custom tags. For information on creating JSP custom tags, see Arrow Aircraft 7: Separating logic from presentation.

26 February 2002

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