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Displaying dynamic data in pop-up windows

This article explains how to display the dynamic contents of a detail page in a pop-up window. A detail page displays more information about specific records on a results page.

Users typically view search, results, and detail pages in a single browser window. You can create a detail page in a new browser, however, by using the target attribute.

For example, if you want your users to view the details of an on-line catalog item, but don't want them to lose sight of the catalog item list, you can create a detail page that will open in a new browser. When the user clicks the detail link for a specific item, the detail page opens in a pop-up window while the original page (the results page) remains visible behind it.

Building the search, results, and detail pages
Adding the target attribute to the detail page link
Resizing the pop-up window

23 July 2001

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