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Setting up a JSP development environment

Explore JavaServer Pages with UltraDev by installing and configuring Macromedia JRun Server Developer Edition, a full-featured, free, and non-expiring JSP application server.

Connecting to a server database from a Macintosh for UltraDev 1

If you want to use Dreamweaver UltraDev on a Macintosh, you must use a JDBC driver to connect to a database on a server. If you don't currently have a JDBC driver, download and install the client and server components of the RmiJdbc driver. Then read this article for information on installing the client component on a Macintosh and installing the server component on a Windows NT Server.

Guide to Application Servers

To get started in UltraDev, you need a Web application server and a database. The application server and database work together to deliver dynamic content to your site's visitors. This article discusses these requirements and outlines some common system configurations.


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