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Deploying a Web application

This article describes how to deploy a Web application once you finish building it in Dreamweaver UltraDev.

Most UltraDev developers work with an application server running on a local computer or on an in-house server. As well, the database they use for design and testing purposes is normally hosted on a local desktop computer or on a network server. The database may also contain prototype data, not real data.

To deploy your Web application, you need to deploy two separate things: the application files and the database. Once deployed, you can continue making revisions to the application using UltraDev.

Preparing the host server
Deploying the application files
Modifying UltraDev to continue working on the deployed files
Deploying the database
Modifying DSN connections to the database
Modifying connection strings to the database
Deploying the database in a different format

21 June 2001

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