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Caching problems in pop-up windows

Like any other type of page, a pop-up detail page will display cached content until the user either refreshes the page or restarts the browser application. This may present confusion if you are developing a detail page and testing your altered versions repeatedly in a browser window.

For example, suppose you have your results page displayed in a browser window on your desktop.

You leave the results page open so that you can test your updated pop-up detail pages without having to restart the browser. When you click on a detail page link, a pop-up window opens in front of the results page, and displays the requested record.

Here is the pop-up detail page for Operations employee Welan Davis.

You are doing a final review of the page and decide that you want to change the date format from 05 May 2000 to 5/5/2000. You close the pop-up window, make the change to the date format in UltraDev, and upload the altered detail page to the server. When you click on the detail page link for Welan Davis, you expect the detail page pop-up window to appear with the new date format. Instead, the old date format appears.

The old date format appears because you have already viewed the record for Welan Davis in the pop-up window. The pop-up window is displaying cached information. When you hit the refresh button, the new date format appears.

This caching problem will hold true for any pop-up window that you have viewed previous to making a change, and uploading the new page to the server. Conversely, pop-up detail pages that you have not viewed will display the most recent version of the detail page when you launch them from the detail page link.

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