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Database connections primer for Dreamweaver UltraDev 1

Creating a database connection in UltraDev is fairly straightforward: complete the Define Connection dialog box and click OK. Deciding when and how to connect to a database, however, can be more challenging. What connection type should I use? What does ADO, DSN, or JDBC mean? When should I create a run-time connection and when should I create a design-time one? How do I create a Macintosh connection? This article covers these topics and helps you make the correct decisions when creating a database connection.

Using a database with your application
Interfacing with the database
Understanding the ADO wrapper
Using database drivers to interface with your database
Invoking database drivers
Using a DSN in a connection string
Understanding UltraDev run-time and design-time connections
Determining when to use a design-time connection
Using one DSN to connect to two databases
Selecting the connection type
Creating database connections on the Macintosh


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