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Testing the connection between JRun and the Web server

After you finish configuring JRun so that your Web server and JRun can communicate, you can test the connection by running a JRun demo application.

To test the connection between JRun and your Web server:

1 Make sure PWS or IIS are running.
2 Make sure the default JRun application server is running.
To start the default application server if you chose not to run it as a service, choose Start > Programs > JRun 3.0 > JRun Default Server. The JRun icon appears in your system tray after the server starts.
3 Start the demo application by choosing Start > Programs > JRun 3.0 > JRun Demo.
The demo page opens in a browser.

4 Run some demo servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), or the tag library.
If you can run the servlets, JSPs, or the tag library (which is itself a JSP application), then JRun and your Web server are communicating normally.
If you get error messages while testing the demo, see the troubleshooting guide on page 75 of the JRun Setup Guide. To open the Setup Guide, choose Start > Programs > JRun 3.0 > JRun Documentation, then click the JRun Setup Guide link.
Once JRun is installed and running properly, you must set up a JSP application in JRun before you can start using UltraDev to build and test JSP pages.

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