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Setting up a DSN in Windows NT Server

Before you begin, set up a DSN for the Access database located on the NT Server machine. A DSN is a kind of shortcut to a database.

To set up a DSN for the Access database:

1 In NT Server, choose Start > Settings > Control Panel, then double-click the ODBC Data Sources icon. Depending on your system, the icon could also be called ODBC or 32bit ODBC.
The ODBC Data Source Administrator appears.
2 Click the System DSN tab.
The tab displays the list of DSNs currently on your system.
3 Click Add to add a new DSN to the list.
The Create New Data Source dialog box appears listing all the drivers currently loaded on your system.
4 Select the Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) from the list, then click Finish.
The ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog box appears.
5 In the Data Source Name text box, enter mydatabase.
6 In the Database frame, click Select and locate your Access file.
7 Click OK to select the file, then click OK to close the dialog box.
Your mydatabase DSN now appears in the list of system DSNs.
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