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ColdFusion Builder 2016

ColdFusion Builder 3 ColdFusion Builder 2
Improve security Code analyzer
Create mobile apps On-device debugging
Multidevice inspection
CFML-based mobile app development
Develop faster Search your application for specific tags, attributes, and text, regardless of file location
Tab to the next logical tag, function or control statement within your code
Set “to do” and “fix me” points within your code
Access methods and attributes within a ColdFusion component (CFC) that have not yet been created
Access ordered code assist for CFML, CFScript, HTML, JavaScript and CSS
Use introspection to complete lines of code in CFML, HTML, JavaScript, SQL and CSS
Generate CFCs for object-relational mapping without writing code
Use Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 (included) to introspect CFCs and automatically generate corresponding ActionScript objects
Prevent errors Indicate an application start page to execute first when running and debugging applications
Launch and step through applications directly within the IDE
Restructure code when you rename a CFC, function or variable
View rendered pages using the embedded browsers
Use the tag editor to identify required tag attributes and assign values
Manage your ColdFusion server Quickly access any web services available from ColdFusion servers
Access a remote shared codebase
Monitor ColdFusion logs in real time while executing applications
Start and stop ColdFusion servers
Deploy code with FTP/SFTP support
Customize your environment Create customized keyboard shortcuts or modify existing ones
Apply code formatting based on personalized, predefined rules
Install ColdFusion Builder 2 as a plug-in to any Eclipse 3.6 64-bit environment
Save blocks of frequently used code for reuse
Create or install extensions written in CFML
Use tag libraries for ColdFusion 7, 8, 9 or 10
Work with data and files Open files in ColdFusion Builder directly from the operating system
Browse your local file system from ColdFusion Builder and open any type of file
Explore the server file system or view the structure of database tables