Convert PNG to Word

You’ve saved an illustration with text overlay as a PNG image, but you spot a typo. The file is uneditable and it might take too much time to start again. Luckily, you can convert PNG to Word with our step-by-step guide and edit to your heart’s content.

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Quick List: How to Change PNG to a Word Document


You can convert PNG to Word in just a few simple steps: 


  • Change the PNG to PDF.
  • Use an online converter to change your PDF to Word.
  • Save the new Word Document and begin making edits.



In detail: How to Convert PNG to a Word Document Step-by-Step. 

1. To change PNG to a Word Document, you’ll first need to convert the PNG to PDF using the Adobe free online tool. Click Select a file or simply drag the file you wish to convert into the drop window.

Image of Adobe PNG-to-PDF converter tool

2. Once the PNG has been converted to PDF, you can edit, compress or merge the PDF, as well as organise the pages. When you’re happy with the result, click Download to save the file to your computer. You may need to sign up for an Adobe account to download your file - but don’t worry, it’s quick and free to do.

Image of Adobe online PNG-to-PDF converter with file ready to download

3. Next, it’s time to change the PDF to Word. Follow the same process and click Select a file, then choose the PDF you wish to convert to the docx file format. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the PDF to the drop zone.

Image of Adobe online PDF-to-Word converter tool

4. Acrobat will automatically convert the PDF to an editable Word Document. Afterwards, you can edit on Microsoft Word online or download the docx file to your computer. Please note, Acrobat may prompt you to sign in to access the file.

Image of Adobe PDF-to-Word online tool converting

Alternatively, you can register an Adobe Acrobat Pro Online account. From here, you can open your PNG file directly in Acrobat. Click the tools icon at the top-right-hand corner and select Export a PDF > to Microsoft Word.

Image of file open in Adobe Acrobat online, with export to Microsoft Word option selected

Explore Adobe’s collection of online tools to convert PNG to Word, PDF to Excel and much more. Sign up for Adobe Acrobat online today.


Benefits of Converting PNG to Word. 


Converting your PNG file to Word may make it easier to send, amend and print. Here are some of the reasons you may choose to use a PNG image in the first place:


  • Transparency - PNG files have multiple levels of transparency, so you can adjust opacity levels from completely transparent to opaque. This is handy for creating a website logo or illustration.
  • Editing - PNG files are ideal for storing images in the middle of the editing process. Thanks to its minimum compression loss, you won’t lose any detail or quality when compressing or re-saving the file. 
  • Presentation - The PNG format has a wide colour depth and can handle up to 16 million colours. This makes it the ideal format for online images containing texts, line arts and graphics.




Can I open a PNG file in Word?


PNG files can’t be directly opened in Word. However, you can insert the file into Word as an object or save the whole page as an image inserted into the document. 


How do I edit a PNG image in Word?


Microsoft Word doesn’t provide native editing capabilities for PNG images like dedicated image editing software does. Consider using dedicated image editing software like Adobe Photoshop instead.


Can you convert a PNG to a Word document for free?


Yes, you can convert PNG to Word for free with Adobe Acrobat. Simply upload the PNG file to the online converter tool and Acrobat will automatically convert it to a PDF free of charge. From there, you can change your PDF to Word with the relevant online Adobe tool, although you will need to register a free Adobe account to download your file. 



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