What is a .pages file?

The .pages file is a text document and word processing programme created by Apple. It’s part of Apple’s iWork suite, compatible with iOS and Mac OS. The .pages format can handle text-based documents, like essays, resumes and reports.

History of the .pages file.

.pages has been a firm fixture of Apple computers and services since 2005. The first iteration launched for MacOS and compatibility has since been extended to work across iOS, iPadOS and even iCloud’s online services.

Apple launched .pages as part of the iWork suite, as a rival to the Microsoft Office package. Effectively, the iWork suite is the MacOS version of Microsoft Word, the .pages file handles word documents created by the Apple Pages programme.

The .pages format works across all of Apple’s popular devices, including the Mac range, iPad and iPhone. There is cross-compatibility for documents and a range of pre-made templates available.

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What are .pages files used for?

Text documents

The primary use of the .pages format is creating and handling text-based content. As the lead file of the Apple Pages software, this file format is ideal for drafting documents, writing reports and creating resumes on Apple’s hardware.

Documents are cross-compatible across multiple Apple devices and the Pages programme has a range of pre-made templates to get you started.

PDF documents

Once you’re done drafting your documents, Pages has built-in ability to save documents as locked PDF files. This is ideal for saving and sending content in a non-editable file - such as a finalised contract or professional agreement.

Conversion to other formats

Despite being an Apple native file format, .pages files can be converted for use with other text-based software, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Conversion is handy for sharing files with other teams or sending documents to clients who may not work with the Apple suite.

Files retain much of their formatting and the customisable options, such as font choice, are transferrable across the three leading word formats.

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Pros and cons of .pages files.


  • Smaller file size. The .pages format tends to be smaller in size than other industry rivals, like .DOC. This makes them easier to manage, taking up less hard-drive space and processing power.
  • Cross device compatibility. .pages files are cross-compatible and editable across the range of Apple devices and tools, including MacOS, iOS and iPadOS.
  • Easily convertible. You can convert .pages files to other text formats, like Word Docs or Google Docs files, with relative ease.


  • Not supported on older versions of Microsoft Word. If you’re still using an edition of Microsoft Word that’s older than 2007, you won’t be able to open .pages.
  • Apple native only. If you’re more experienced with Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you might find the switch to .pages a little difficult at first. .pages files, as part of the iWork suite, are Apple’s exclusive version of rival packages like Microsoft Office.
  • Lacks features. Although many of the features, font choices and templates are viewable in rival programmes, the .pages format software has fewer features overall than its common competitors.

How to open a .pages file.


Opening a .pages file on MacOS is easy. You’ll need the .pages reader app install. It usually comes as standard with any new MacOS software or can be downloaded for free from the OS App Store.

Once you’ve got the Pages programme, just double-click a .pages extension to open it.


It’s a little trickier to open a .pages file on a Microsoft product. You’ll have to convert the .pages file to a suitable format, like a Word DOC. You can do this by downloading the original .pages format as a .DOCX file or PDF in the original Pages programme.

Alternatively, if you have an online iCloud account, you can open a .pages file in there. Though you’ll need an Internet connection to edit the .pages file using iCloud’s cloud-based software.

How to create and edit a .pages file.


You can create a .pages file in several ways.

  • Pages. Whilst using Apple’s Pages software, just save your document. It’ll save as a .pages, unless otherwise stated.
  • Google Docs. You can save and download your Google Docs file as a .pages doc to use on your Apple hardware. Just make sure that you check that your formatting has transferred correctly before sending your new document to any clients or other parties.


Like it’s industry rivals, .pages can be edited in a variety of ways. Most of the common needs you’ll have for your text document are accounted for. Changing fonts, adding comments, hyperlinking phrases to the web and other standard editing tools all feature within the Pages document.

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How do I convert a .pages file to word?

You can convert a .pages doc to a Word DOCX by saving and downloading your work as the appropriate file in the Pages programme. Alternatively, you could save your .pages file as a PDF and then use an online conversion tool, like Adobe’s PDF to Word programme to convert the file.

How do I convert a .pages file to PDF?

To convert a .pages file to PDF, you only need to save your .pages document as a PDF file. You can do this by following these steps. In Pages, go to File> Export to> PDF.

How do I open .pages on iPhone?

You’ll need the Pages app to open a .pages document on iPhone. You can send your document to your phone using Apple’s AirPlay feature (between devices on the same network) or by uploading it to iCloud. You’ll then need to redownload the file to your mobile device via your iCloud app.

Once you’ve downloaded the file to your iPhone’s Documents folder, double-click the file extension to open it in the Pages app.

How do I open a .pages file on a PC?

The .pages format will not open on a Windows or Linux PC. You’ll have to convert the file to a Word DOC or similar Microsoft-compatible file before you can open it on your computer. You can do so by saving the original .pages file as a DOCX or saving it as a PDF. Then, you can open the file as a PDF on your PC or use an online converting tool to convert it to an editable DOC.

Is .pages available for Windows?

No, .pages files work with the Pages programme, available on Apple devices like Macs, iPads and iPhones. You can convert .pages documents to Windows-ready formats, like DOCX or PDF, however.