How to Print to PDF on iPhone

Printing to PDF is a useful way of sharing a file in its original format, replicating how a file would appear on paper. The PDF version of your file will be compatible with numerous apps and operating systems, making sharing simple.


When using an iOS device, printing to PDF is quick and easy. In this handy guide, we’ll explain how to print to PDF on iPhone and iPad.

Quick list: how to print to PDF on iPhone.


Any app on iPhone that supports printing will also let you print to PDF. On iPhone, the process is this:

  1. Share first. Look for the share icon (a box with arrow pointing upwards) then scroll down and tap Print.
  2. Preview your file. Click on the preview to maximise the image.
  3. Download your PDF. Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen choose where you want to save the PDF.

In Detail: How to Print to PDF on iPhone and iPad.


The best way to print to PDF on iPhone and iPad is using the Adobe Acrobat app.


If you’re using an iOS device to print to PDF, the first thing you’ll need is the Share icon. If you’re using the Safari browser, you’ll find this at bottom of the screen. It looks like a box with an arrow pointing upwards.


Follow these simple steps:



1. Open any page or image in your browser. Click the Share icon at the bottom centre of the screen


2. From the menu, click Options.

3. Then, select PDF from the Options menu. Click Done at the top right of the screen.

4. Next, the below menu will appear. Click Save to Files.

5. Then, click Save.

6. Your PDF will then save to your iPhone. After this, you can easily share your file via email, social media or messenger platforms.

Why Should I Print to PDF with an iPhone or iPad?


There are many reasons why it’s beneficial to use an iPhone or iPad to print to PDF.


  • Makes files easy to share with others. Printing to PDF makes it incredibly easy to share your files with others, as most apps have in-built functionality when it comes to reading PDFs. 
  • Helps preserve the file in its intended format.. The iOS Print to PDF function stores an exact replica of the file you were trying to save.  
  • Quick and easy to save. Once you’ve tried it out the first time, the process will only take seconds to complete. By doing this on an iPhone, you can easily share important files while you’re on the go.

iPhone and iPad Print to PDF FAQs.


In this section, we answer the main questions people have about the iPhone and iPad Print to PDF function.


How do I save a picture as a PDF on iPhone?

To save a picture as a PDF on your iPhone, you will first need to save it as a normal file, before opening your Files app and accessing the location where images are saved. 


From here, you will need to long press on the image thumbnail to bring up the menu. At the bottom of this menu list there will be a Create PDF option, which will enable you to save the image as a PDF.


Can you save a screenshot as a PDF?

The iOS 13 update added a new function which allowed users to save screenshots as PDFs on iPhone and iPad. However, this only works for screenshots of Safari pages.


After taking a screenshot, click the generated preview in the bottom left to open the screenshot editor and click the Full page option. Then, click the share icon to save it as a PDF. You can also do this by clicking Share>Save to files..


To take a screenshot without the ads, switch to Reader mode by tapping and holding AA in the upper-left corner of the URL, then tapping it again to customise the text layout.


How do I open a PDF file on my iPad?

After saving a file via iPad print to PDF, you will need to ensure the Adobe Acrobat Reader app is install so you can view them on your device.


Once downloaded, open the Adobe app. On the bottom menu, select Files. Find and press the file you want to open on your iPad.


Once opened, adjust and view the scroll settings to meet your needs.


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