Create seamless customer experiences with omnichannel marketing.

Your audiences aren’t confined to a single brand experience. They’re interacting with your brand in an ever-changing way. They meet you at all hours, in all places, with all their unique dimensions and traits, across multiple channels. This leaves marketers with the challenge of maintaining a consistent experience. Omnichannel marketing allows you to meet that challenge.
Omnichannel marketing is about creating a mutually rewarding, connected experience across online and off-line channels, rather than focusing on content and messaging for each individual channel.
Audiences move from the desktop to the smartphone to the TV to the store when they engage with your brand. Omnichannel marketing replaces a fragmented, multichannel approach with consistency, ease of access and a better customer experience . However, an omnichannel approach means you’ve got to be agile and informed. And you need to break down the channel silos that hinder a truly seamless experience.
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Use omnichannel marketing to bring experiences together.
Your audiences define their customer experiences by how well you deliver and manage each brand moment. They expect you to provide a consistent experience from all the content, messaging, offers and interactions you provide. When your brand engages customers through your website, call centre and mobile app, for example, managing those moments as a single journey will ensure that your customers enjoy a seamless transition between all channels.
Brand engagement is no longer just about messaging. Customers behave differently on different channels, in terms of buying strategy and responsiveness. With so many opportunities to connect with your audiences, channels can dictate the experiences you deliver. All your channels should provide a communication framework that is logical and uninterrupted and deliver rewarding experiences.
Engagement is more than transactional. The customer experience is made up of research, transactions, purchase fulfilment, post-purchase activities (such as returns and troubleshooting) and feedback opportunities. Adobe Marketing Cloud helps deliver a seamless, omnichannel experience by:
  • Building a single marketing view of the customer, tracking every interaction and maintaining an evolving memory of each customer
  • Helping customers research and purchase through multiple channels, anywhere, at any time
  • Tailoring experiences to address a moment of truth at any time during the customer journey
  • Blending off-line and online experiences so they recognise and support which phase of the buying process a customer is in at any moment
Use data to fuel your omnichannel strategy.
Delivering an omnichannel experience is impossible without data. You must be able to discover and measure your high-value audiences. Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign help you to discover your audiences by merging online and off-line data into clear graphic visualisations.

Digital natives expect you to create experiences that don't disrupt their buying experiences.

Digital natives expect you to create experiences that don't disrupt their buying experiences. Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you the vision to identify and define their journey. Real-time data from digital channels can be quickly synchronised within Adobe Campaign to help you:
  • Create timely and effective remarketing
  • Cross-sell and upsell products
  • Develop brand loyalty
  • Discover retention opportunities
Digital natives also expect you to know who they are. Using a single, integrated customer profile, you can better manage the touchpoints that make up the customer journey. You should be able to create experiences that are personal to them. Understanding your audience is challenging with divided data. Adobe Marketing Cloud organises your data and helps you to target individuals and deliver personalised campaigns.
Create experiences that transcend location, device and channel.
Breaking down the multichannel silos that separate search from social, email from mobile and so on allows your brand to be there in the right moment, helping serve a more consistent, integrated experience. To help deliver that consistent experience, Adobe Marketing Cloud assigns unique customer IDs that move with individuals across channels and technologies to create a continuous experience.
Your marketing organisation can rely on dynamic, real-time data, such as location, context, preferences and device, to automatically send relevant, personalised content. You can also connect digital experiences with the physical experiences inside your brick-and-mortar store.
Within Adobe Marketing Cloud, you’re able to connect campaign management in Adobe Campaign with programmatic ad buying in Media Optimiser to deliver relevant display ads that meet needs based on previous actions and personal traits. In addition, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign work together to create contextual campaigns for your high-value audiences.
Maximise your omnichannel campaigns through targeted TV and video channels.
Audiences spend a lot of time consuming video on multiple devices, so video marketing is becoming more important as brands seek to infuse addressable content into TV and video streaming channels.
Consumers are shifting their viewing habits from traditional TV networks and film theatres to providers such as Hulu and Netflix, choosing to get their entertainment content directly from suppliers. An omnichannel approach using Adobe Primetime allows you to quickly build and deliver video experiences to any screen.
Content publishers can use addressable TVs and mobile devices to serve dynamically targeted ads and video content, driven by insights from Adobe Audience Manager. Ads can be automatically selected to address your audiences’ needs. You’re able to bake in TV and other video channels into your omnichannel strategy by optimising your ad buying and distribution within user-driven video selections.
Take action at any time with ease.
Omnichannel marketing relies on multiple moving parts managed in a customer-centric, real-time way. A marketing platform such as Adobe Marketing Cloud helps you to manage those parts through an integrated platform. Marketers and publishers can seamlessly deliver an omnichannel experience through combined Adobe products that include:
Adobe Campaign — design, orchestrate, personalise and measure campaigns across your online and off-line channels
Adobe Media Optimizer — manage your ad portfolio and intelligently forecast and target ad delivery
Adobe Primetime — Create and monetise engaging, personalised viewing experiences on screens of any size
Adobe Audience Manager – create unified audience profiles from all your data and target customers on any channel
Adobe Analyticsreveal what’s happening through your online and off-line marketing channels in real time
Adobe Social — monitor and moderate conversations, publish and promote content and analyse engagement and conversion in one mobile-friendly interface
Adobe Target — test multiple versions of your content with precision to targeted audiences
Adobe Experience Manager — optimise the authoring, management and delivery of your digital media and content across owned channels, including web, mobile, email, print and social
Omnichannel marketing reflects marketing maturity.
Marketing maturity is more than just creating great content and allowing audiences to interact on any channel. It’s deeper than that.
Each marketing channel needs its own approach, but to be a mature marketing organisation, you’ve got to blend your approaches into a unified strategy. That means you should have a unified platform to create, manage and sustain one-to-one relationships. Even though your customers may be at different points on their customer journey, the experiences they have must allow them to continue that journey at any moment in a seamless way.
As artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and virtual reality enter the mainstream, marketing with an omnichannel approach will require greater agility. But the goal will still be the same. Your brand needs to interact moment-to-moment through experiences that reward your customers and your company. By adopting an omnichannel strategy, you’re one step closer to reaching the pinnacle of marketing maturity.

Adobe can help.

An omnichannel marketing approach allows you to put the customer first and connect experiences across online and off-line channels. Adobe Experience Cloud helps you to become an experience business that delivers consistent, cohesive and spot-on relevant customer experiences at every turn by providing tools to create and maintain a seamless journey.