10 Hen Do Invitation Ideas.

Invite your friends to the ultimate pre-wedding celebration with our hen do invitation ideas. Get inspiration for your own hen party itinerary and find a range of invitation templates to help you plan the ultimate pre-wedding celebration.

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Every bride needs a memorable hen do in the run up to their wedding. But planning a hen do is no mean feat. From organising the location to co-ordinating the guest list and activities, there’s an endless list of things to consider. Luckily, we can help you tick off a few tasks at once with our hen party cards and invites.

So, whether the hen do is part of your maid of honour duties or you’re a bride that likes to plan every wedding detail, get inspired with our hen do invitation ideas.

What is a hen do?

A hen do is a pre-wedding celebration for the bride and their closest friends. It can include anything from a low-key weekend away with outdoor activities to a bottomless brunch or classic afternoon tea.

Your hen do invitation needs to contain all the details for the main event and how you’re planning on celebrating the bride’s new beginning with their partner.

Key things to include in a hen do invite.

Traditionally the hen do is organised by the maid of honour, but this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Sometimes the rest of the bridesmaids get involved too – it’s a big task after all!

Whoever’s in charge, here are some important details that shouldn’t be missed from your hen do invites:

5 hen weekend invitation ideas.

The world’s your oyster when it comes to creating your hen party cards. If your bride wants the full works with a weekend extravaganza, why not consider some of these fun hen weekend invite ideas?

1. Share an itinerary for your weekend.

If you’re planning to fit a lot of things into your hen weekend away, why not make an itinerary to display on the hen weekend invitations? That way everyone will know what time the sunrise yoga and morning mimosas start.

2. Send a postcard from the destination.

Planning a destination hen do? You could send a postcard of the location as your invites to the guest list. A postcard from Greece as a hen do invite will also double up as a lovely keepsake after the trip.

3. Make custom t-shirts for the whole group.

There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to a hen party. Make each guest a custom T-shirt to go with their hen weekend invitation. Choose a slogan that sums up your friendship group or a picture of your bride and the year of the hen party.

4. Record a video invite that includes clues.

For the tech-savvy maid of honour, show off your video editing skills with a digital hen do invite. Create a video that includes clues of what the hen do will entail – just be sure to follow up afterwards with the plan of action.

5. Create a hen do group on social media.

For something simple but effective, orchestrate the plan on social media. Make a group chat or event page with a personalised banner detailing the key event details. Add the guest list and keep them in the loop with the plan for the hen weekend.

5 hen night invitation ideas.

If you’re keeping things simple with a one-night hen do, you’d better make it count with a thoughtful hen night invitation. Whether you’re planning a risqué evening with bubbly or a wholesome cooking class, take inspiration from our hen party card ideas.

1. Hold a special dinner party.

Choose the bride’s favourite cuisine and create menu cards for your hen do invitation. Whether they’re mad for Mexican food or in love with Italian, these invites are sure to go down a treat.

2. Host a movie night.

Plan a wholesome evening with your bride and their best friends. Invite them along with a personalised movie poster, with the bride as the main character from their favourite film.

3. Organise a hen sleepover party.

Go old school and invite your bride to a sleepover party in their honour. From face masks and nail painting to wine and chocolates, craft their perfect night in. Create a party flyer detailing the events of the night.

4. Plan a murder mystery party.

Add a sinister spin to the evening by throwing a murder mystery party – perfect for any thriller-loving bride. Send a hen do invitation to each guest with the name of their character to set the scene. Include a personalised dress code for each guest to help them really get into character.

5. Book a cooking or cocktail making class.

Plan an evening full of fine food and drink to celebrate in style. Whether you’re making Vietnamese spring rolls or embarking on a cocktail masterclass, you’ll have a great time and learn something too. Why not keep it a surprise in the invite and send them to the address?

What should I write in a hen do invitation for the bride?

There’s no one way to invite your bride to their hen do, and you should do it in a way that you know they’ll love – whether that’s sentimental or comical.

Firstly, you need to decide if the hen do is a surprise. Do you want the bride to know what’s happening, or would you rather do a grand reveal on the day? Whichever you decide, make sure to include this on the hen do invites so everyone is on the same page. A simple: ‘Don’t tell the bride!’ works wonders.

If you need a little extra inspiration on wedding wording to get started, here are some examples on how to begin your hen do invitation:

Useful things to know.

Who pays for the hen at a hen party?
There are no rules when it comes to hen parties. Usually, each guest at the hen party pays for themselves. But sometimes the bridal party will cover the hen’s cost too as part of the celebrations. If you’re going out, why not take turns buying rounds to keep things fair?
Who is traditionally invited to a hen party?
Traditionally, the bride’s female friends are invited to the hen party, but it’s completely up to the bride. Depending on the activity this could also include family members, like their mother and future mother-in-law. You could even have two hen parties, a night out for friends and a garden party for family.
Can you invite people to your hen but not your wedding?
In most cases, people that are invited to the hen party are also invited to the wedding. But every wedding is different and it’s down to the bride’s discretion. If you’re having a very imitate wedding, there may be more space to invite extra people at the hen party – and vice versa.