11 egg-cellent Easter activity ideas for school kids



Prepare for an adventure into a multitude of egg-citing Easter activities, specially crafted for school kids! Discover a diverse range of captivating ideas set to infuse your Easter celebrations with creativity, entertainment, and educational value. Discover how Adobe Express’ versatile design features can elevate each Easter activity, adding an extra layer of visual appeal and excitement. With these engaging suggestions, make this Easter a memorable and joyous occasion for kids, filled with fun and creativity!

Easter activities for school pupils, from cardmaking to posters.

In the UK, Easter is celebrated each year in the spring months of March and April. Although it began as a religious holiday celebrated by Christians, it has now become a nationwide holiday enjoyed by all. Having been named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility and the dawn, Eostre, it’s no surprise that Easter features eggs and new life as key themes.

During Easter people often celebrate by exchanging Easter eggs. The chocolate company Cadbury makes 500 million crème eggs every year! Easter is celebrated during the Easter school holidays, so teachers and students can do some fun activities together before students go on a break. Together, classes can make Easter cards, weave baskets, and learn more about Easter's history and customs. These activities can be both fun and educational.

Take a look at these Easter activity templates.

Easter activity ideas - templates for inspiration.

Easter is a great time to get creative, but, at the end of a school term, decision fatigue can make things hard for teachers! With so many activities to choose from, we’ve picked out our favourite Easter activity ideas to get you and your kids inspired:

  1. Create your own Easter cookbook full of recipes suggested by your students. You can use Adobe Express to design the cover.
  2. Get the craft box out and construct DIY cards.
  3. Design your own Easter egg colouring pages with Adobe Express and print them for your kids to colour in.
  4. Use Adobe Express to create templates for “3D” Easter eggs and baskets that the kids can cut out, decorate, and put together.
  5. Print off Easter dot to dot worksheets and pair them with a colouring box!
  6. Explore different graphic backgrounds on Adobe Express, create a collage, print them out and cut egg shapes out of them. Now you have unique coloured egg decorations! Stick them on your walls or make a garland. The possibilities are endless!

Find an egg-cellent poster template.

Preschool Easter activity suggestions.

If you have younger kids in your class, it’s important to remember that not all activities are good for every age group. When you think of Easter activities for preschoolers, think of things they can touch and feel, because that makes it more fun and interesting for them. You want each preschool Easter activity to be challenging enough to get their brains going, but not too hard to dissuade them and cause upset. You want them to be curious and challenged, not discouraged and defeated. Here are 5 suggestions that you can easily put together with the help of Adobe Express:

  1. Design an easy picture Easter Bingo sheet and get your students to cross them off as you reveal different Easter items.
  2. Print and cut paper egg shapes and let your students unleash their creativity.
  3. Create custom Easter-themed flash cards.
  4. Design a custom Easter-themed placemat and let the kids colour them in so they can be used at Easter lunch.
  5. Make your own Easter ornaments that the kids can take home to remind them of all the fun they had!

Pick any of these to keep your kids happy this Easter!

More activity ideas and inspiration this way.

Ready to design your Easter activities?

Useful things to know.

How do you celebrate Easter in school?

In school, the most popular way to celebrate Easter is to create Easter themed cards and posters in the classroom that you give to your friends and teachers and put on display. Some schools may also have Easter church services, do charitable activities and decorate for spring.

As Easter happens in spring, many Easter activities involve the springtime such as potting flowers, sports days, picnics, outdoor games, and egg hunts.

What are British Easter traditions?

At Easter, British children will receive Easter eggs from their parents and relatives. Some will include special items such as mugs. Easter cards are also exchanged; however, this trend isn’t as popular nowadays. Additionally, many people will eat hot cross buns with cups of tea.

Does Adobe Express have Easter templates?

Adobe Express has hundreds of Easter themed templates to choose from, all free to use.