St Patrick’s Day quotes, posters and plenty more ways to celebrate.



Get creative for St Patrick’s Day this year.

It’s been more than 1,500 years since St Patrick immortalised his legend on the Emerald Isle, and the event named after him is still going strong to this day. This bright, bold carnival of celebration brings a hearty flash of green to Irish communities from Cork to Chicago, from Belfast to Buenos Aires.

If you’re thinking of promoting an event, celebrating on social media or sharing a St Paddy’s Day greeting with a friend or family member, you’ve come to the right place – as we have amazing creative tools to help. We’ve also collected a veritable array of St Patrick’s Day quotes to template and share for the big day. From the towering insights of literary geniuses, to wise sayings about shamrocks and luck, you’ll find the best ones right here.

Explore St Patrick’s Day templates.

St Patrick’s Day Quotes.

Use the following to inspire your social media followers, or share on a card or poster.

Explore St Patrick’s Day templates.

Make and create St Patrick’s Day posters, banners, social media assets and more.

Whether you’re celebrating at home, on the town or arranging a St Patrick’s Day parade, there are plenty of ways to spread the word with Adobe Express.

Share memories with a perfect photo collage.

Who says you need to stop celebrating on March 17th A photo collage of the big day is a great way to relive some memories. Take some snaps of your friends and family in full green regalia, and arrange them your way with our easy photo collage maker.

Create a St Patrick’s Day poster.

Posters are an excellent way to promote your event, party or special St Patrick’s Day menu, whether you’re painting the town green or sharing on social. Our beautiful selection of templates offers a great starting point for a stand-out poster on all-things Irish. But don’t forget to customize with your own photos, fonts and messages too.

Make a St Patrick’s Day social post.

Spread the word of St Patrick with a unique Facebook post or Instagram share ready to reel in the likes. Simply choose a template, drag and drop your favourite Emerald embellishments, and enter your message. Our Facebook templates are designed in the perfect dimensions to look professional on your feed.

Make a St Patrick’s Day TikTok video.

Condense a day of bright fun and frolics into a super-engaging TikTok video. With Adobe Express, it’s easy to upload and edit video, create captions, add music and even insert custom animations. That way your followers can see exactly what your highlights were.

Promote your event with a flyer.

If you’re hosting a St Paddy’s Day event, then generate buzz with a flyer. Our easy-to-use editor turns graphic design into a breeze. Make yours simple, impactful and super festive, print it out, and hit the streets.

Create a St Patrick’s Day greeting card.

If you’re celebrating away from your friends, family or loved ones, or simply want to share something special with a loved one, then don’t be a St Patrick’s Day stranger. With Adobe Express, you can quickly create a greeting card, making someone a perfect lucky display for any mantelpiece. Use our templates as a starting point, then personalise with images, messages, quotes and those all-important shamrocks.