How to make bunting for any occasion.



What is bunting?

If you’re not bringing out the bunting, are you really celebrating? Sure, bunting may only be little plastic or cloth flags on string, but this simple decoration can instantly elevate any celebration.

Get creative and assemble some bunting flags in your company colours or join in with seasonal celebrations by hanging snow bunting. In this article, you’ll learn all about the different types of bunting you can use for different occasions and how to make them your own.

When would you use bunting?

Remember the golden rule: there’s always an occasion for bunting. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

Bunting is even great for business celebrations. Whether you’re marking company milestones or hosting a rebrand party, bunting can be the perfect finishing touch to any gathering.

Don’t own a brick-and-mortar store? Don’t worry, you can jazz up your online space with online bunting templates to make it clear there’s something worth celebrating.

How to use bunting templates for your celebration.

You can use bunting to make your posters pop, add detail to your decorations, and make invites even more inviting. Liven up your presence online and offline with our top tips on to use bunting.

Create your own bunting decoration.

Want to add your own personal touch? Spruce up your space by creating your very own bunting. To get arts-and-craftsy, all you need is:

There are a few ways to secure bunting. It can be sown onto the string, glued, or stapled. You can even create bunting that ties together. You can also purchase a bunting kit to help you create your own bunting without all the legwork.

Celebrate with bunting on cards.

Sometimes hanging bunting isn’t enough – and you shouldn’t settle when it comes to celebrations. You can easily add personalised bunting designs to your cards for any occasion, too. That doesn’t necessarily mean dangling bunting flags from a birthday card (but it could).

Here are some ways you can add bunting designs to your cards:

Get hands on and add bunting in whatever way suits you.

Use bunting on invites.

Bunting flags can look great on invites for a host of special events, from product launches to birthday parties and baby showers. It’s a great way to immediately show what the event is about: celebration.

Highlight your special event with physical textiles on the card or decorate a digital invite with bunting using our online invitation creator. Need some design inspiration?

Add bunting to posters.

Much like invites and birthday cards, you can also add bunting to your posters. It’s an ideal design element that can be added physically or digitally. You could incorporate bunting after the initial poster is done or design your poster to be the bunting flag and string them up. You could make the poster into a triangular shape and hang it with copies and block colour bunting in a row.

Want a traditional poster too? Double up and give potential attendees even more places to find out about your event. Stuck for creativity? Use our online poster creator to get started.

Include some bunting in your banner.

Just because you don’t own a space to decorate, that doesn’t mean you need to go without bunting. You can take what we’ve learnt about decorating posters, invites, and cards and apply that to your online spaces. Bunting in your online banner designs for websites and social media channels can be an attention-grabbing and recognisable way to celebrate special occasions or mark upcoming festivities.

By using tools like Adobe’s social media banner creator and website banner creator, you can create personalised, eye-catching designs suited to your online space.

How to hang bunting.

Hanging bunting may seem tricky but it’s easier than you think. That said, there is a knack to getting it just right. There are a few looks you can go for based on how you hang it:

You can use this concept on drawn and digital designs to give your bunting a natural flow.

To hang your bunting, you can:

Useful things to know.

What is the meaning of bunting?

At its core, bunting is a type of decoration that has come to be recognised for festivities and celebrations. Once you see those colourful flags, you’ll know there’s an occasion worth cheering for.

Why is bunting called bunting?

There are a lot of reasons for the term online and all seem as believable as the next. One common thought is that it derives from the Navy, where it was the job of the bunt to raise the flags on a ship. Additionally, bunt means colourful in German and in France, the term refers to the lightweight wool fabric used to make bunting.

How can you make bunting without sewing?

The easiest way to make bunting without sewing is to use a good quality glue. Some bunting features lines of fabric on either side which can be tied to the line as well. Other options include stapling, but this may be more noticeable when hung.