Show your support with women's rugby posters, flyers and wall charts.



Women’s rugby is on the rise. Participation levels are at their highest, with 2.7 million female players across the world. But it’s not just the players – viewership is on the up too. In fact, the women's rugby Six Nations tournament in 2023 recorded more than 10 million viewing hours on UK televisions. So, what can you do to get involved with this rising sport?

Whether you’re a new fan, old fan or local business, there’s a range of things you can do to show your support for women’s rugby. Maybe you’re a budding designer making a rugby wall chart to help your friends and followers keep track of the latest leagues or tournaments? Or maybe you’re a small business owner looking to show the latest matches for fans or host a promotional event for your local women’s rugby team?

Either way, this guide will help you get the word out with our women’s rugby posters and flyer templates.

5 ways to show your support for women's rugby.

Whether you’re a local business or solo fan, you can celebrate and show your support for women’s rugby in various ways. Here are some ideas from Adobe Express to help you get inspired.

Make a shareable social media post to show your support.

Following a certain team through the league or an upcoming tournament? Craft captivating social posts across your channels using your team’s colours and bold typography to celebrate their wins along the way. Incorporate engaging copy, trending hashtags and images of jaw-dropping moments from the matches to extend your reach across your platforms.

Connect with your customers with a special promotion.

Businesses, too, have a golden opportunity to connect with their customers over a game of women’s rugby – especially if you’re showing the matches on live TV in your establishment.

Whether you’re running a special offer during the games or hosting an event to mark a tournament final, it’s important to spread the word. Make your own women’s rugby flyers and posters with eye-catching graphics and concise, compelling text for maximum impact. You can stick them around your venue, hand them out at local shops or post them on social media for extra reach.

Tackle an enticing, limited-edition menu.

A special edition menu can be a perfect tie-in for a big local match or tournament, with themed drinks or one-off dishes. Make your own limited-edition menus that highlight your new additions. Include easy-to-read fonts and high-quality images of your specials to draw in rugby fans and new customers alike.

Invite friends and family to your very own watch party.

Invite friends and family to your own TV watch along and cheer on your favourite teams. Craft memorable, rugby-inspired invitations to give your event an exclusive, fun feel. Tasteful typography and exciting images should showcase the best of women’s rugby.

Make a celebratory highlights reel.

Whether it’s a championship tournament or your local league, there’s always some unforgettable moments and mesmerising plays in women’s rugby. Create your own memorable highlights to look back on with an Instagram reel and show your pride for your favourite team.

Editable women’s rugby templates from Adobe Express.

Make your own women's rugby posters and prints.

A women’s rugby poster can be used in various ways. Whether you’re advertising a watch-along, showcasing a new business offer, or just showing your support for your home team, a print can say a lot.

When designing a poster, there’re some key points to bear in mind. Make sure your prints standout from the crowd by incorporating these essentials.

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Free women’s rugby poster ideas.

Keep tabs on your favourite teams with a women's rugby wall chart.

Stay up-to-date on matchups and results with a wall chart to track games as they go. Make an easy-to-read wall chart with boxes to add teams and scores as the league or tournament progresses.

Wall charts are a great way to keep track of results and follow your team all the way to the end. They can make a fine keepsake too, so you can look back on the year and rekindle the memories of watch-alongs with friends and family.

When creating a wall chart, you’ll want to include some key information and follow design best practice to ensure things look their best.

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Get a head start with these simple rugby wall chart templates.

Useful things to know.

How many people watch women’s rugby?

Women’s rugby is fast growing in popularity. Like many women’s sports, viewership numbers have boomed in recent years, with the recent women’s Six Nations in 2023 clocking up over 10 million hours of viewing time in the UK – a big jump from the previous year’s record of 7.7 million hours. With more tournaments on the horizon, it’s a good idea to make sure your business is prepared.

Who is the top women’s rugby team?

England is currently the top-ranked women’s rugby team in the world. So, if you’re a UK business, it’s only right that you start hosting some watch-alongs or events to show your support for the national team.

Where can I get a wall chart for the women’s rugby?

You can make your own custom wall chart with Adobe Express’ chart maker. Feeling creative? Begin with a blank canvas and add your own style. If you’d just like something to record results in, you can use one of our templates, so you have something that looks great right from the get-go.