FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Adobe PDF Print Engine? 
The Adobe PDF Print Engine is a Software Development Kit (SDK) which renders PDF job content, converting graphics, text and images to rasters for driving digital presses, wide format printers, label printers and platesetters..
What is new in version 4 of the Adobe PDF Print Engine? 
Version 4 of the PDF Print Engine includes:
What is the Mercury RIP Architecture?
Mercury is a parallel processing framework which harnesses multiple instances of the Adobe PDF Print Engine in tandem. It assures maximum efficiency for digital production printing, and large format printing. Additional information can be found here.
How can I buy the Adobe PDF Print Engine?
The Adobe PDF Print Engine is deployed as part of prepress solutions offered by an Adobe print solution partner. For a complete list, please click here.
How can my company incorporate the Adobe PDF Print Engine in its offerings? 
To inquire about partnering with Adobe, please click here.