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CQ Gems

August 13-20, 2014


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CQ Gems on Adobe Experience Manager is a series of technical deep dives delivered by Adobe experts. Register today for a deep-dive session on CQ. These one hour Webinar sessions offer product demonstrations, technical information followed by Q&A.


Social Component Framework in AEM 6
August 13th at 8:00 am PST | 4:00 pm GMT (convert to your time zone)

Presented by:

Siddharth Palaniswami – Sr. Software Engineering Lead

The Social Component Framework (SCF) is available as a featurepack for CQ 5.6.1 and shipped with AEM 6.0. SCF provides a way to build web and mobile applications that use a hybrid of server rendering to allow search engine optimization of content along with client rendering to avoid page refreshes and provide rich in-page experiences. The same template is used for both client and server rendering, providing assurance that the experience is consistent independent of which rendering is used. Well-defined endpoints allow effective caching of pages, templates and json data, and provide clear extensibility patterns for customers to insert their own client and server logic. This session will cover how to use and extend SCF, and provide information on the documentation and cookbooks available.

Delivering Managed Content to your Native Apps
August 20th at 8:00 am PST | 4:00 pm GMT (convert to your time zone)

Presented by:

Anthony Rumsey – Computer Scientist, Adobe

While you may not be in a position to move completely to the use of web technologies and cross-platform development provided by PhoneGap Enterprise, it is still possible to leverage the power of AEM by adding web content directly into your existing native apps. This session will cover in detail how content created with AEM apps can then be integrated with an existing Android app. Once integrated into the native app the AEM content can be updated without any further native development being required and it can communicate with the rest of the native application.


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