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Ask a Video Pro: What’s New in Creative Cloud for Video

The fall 2014 release of the Creative Cloud video tools will introduce new media and project management features, like Search bins, Consolidate & Transcode, and Multi-project workflows in Premiere Pro; a refreshed user interface across all of the video applications, including support for HiDPI Windows 8.1 and Mac OS displays, and even more streamlined workflows, with new features like Curves, Look hover previews, and powerful Grading Layer Grouping in SpeedGrade. Be among the very first to see these new features and more in this special Ask a Video Pro session live from Amsterdam, presented by Jason Levine.

Ask A Video Pro: Making the Switch to Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro and the Creative Cloud video applications offer integrated workflows, industry-leading file format support, a professional editing toolset, and a little bit of Adobe magic to help take your productions to the next level. If you are an editor or filmmaker considering making the switch, or have recently joined Creative Cloud, this seminar is for you. You will learn about:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro and the editing workflow with Adobe’s industry-leading NLE
  • Dynamic Link integration with After Effects
  • How to send audio to Audition
  • Direct Link projects to SpeedGrade

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #20 - Adobe Resources and Programs for Educators

Tacy Trowbridge recaps the conference, discussing resources and programs for educators.

Sparking Creative Catalyst - #19 - Five Minutes Of Fame—Creative Destruction and the Creative Cloud, Sheri German

Sheri German discusses tips and strategies for quick revisions to teacher-created course materials when responding to new software versions and updates.

Sparking Creative Catalyst - #18 - Fishbowl on Assessment, Accreditation and Gamification in Education

Ian Usher, Buckinghamshire County Council; Greg Hodgson, The Wycombe Grange; Kelly Kermode, Eastern High School; Rob Schwartz, Sheridan Technical High School; and Mike Skocko, Valhalla High School Explore the various strategies AELs use to motivate and recognize learning for different audiences—through games, certification, open badge systems, and more. Do these efforts help students better demonstrate what they learn and showcase that learning outside their classroom? Participate in the discussion yourself in a Fishbowl session and help refine the ways AELs can implement such approaches.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #17 - How a Pen Transformed a Company, David Macy

David Macy will demo Adobe’s first tools for the new creative—Project Mighty and Napoleon. Through natural interface, cloud connectivity, and now new hardware, Adobe is starting the process of creating tools for the next generation of creative. David will share how these tools are not only redefining the playing field for designers, but are also transforming and inspiring an entire company.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #16 - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Common Core, Kim Cavenaugh and David Olinger

With the Common Core standards adoption well underway in the US, the question becomes not “if” our students will use creative software to meet the objectives of the Common Core, but “how” teachers and schools can promote solutions that encourage students to be creative. In this session participants will learn strategies for incorporating authentic assessments that use creative software tools from Adobe, see examples that use interactive tools to collect and evaluate student work that is aligned to the Common Core, and share their own experiences in the challenges of meeting the requirements of these new standards.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #15 - Visualizing Future User Interfaces, Mark Shufflebottom

This session covers how the Bachelor of Interaction Design program at Sheridan College integrated the Adobe After Effects motion-tracking workflow into its projects to visualize how user interfaces and future interaction with technology might look. The session further examines how After Effects can help in the visualization of ideas. It demonstrates how to track motion and send this to Cinema4D, before bringing that footage back to After Effects for final composition.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #14 - Leading Innovation: Fostering Creativity at Scale - Panel

Watch this panel discussion and hear from innovative leaders from a wide cross-section of industries: education, technology, and business. How do we cultivate creative cultures of innovation within large systems? What does success look like? What are our challenges?

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #13 - 3D Printing in Photoshop CC, Andy Lauta

Product manager Andy Lauta shows how Adobe Photoshop facilitates 3D printing for personalized custom designs and devices.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #12 - Questions with Tacy Trowbridge and Trevor Bailey

Tacy Trowbridge, Adobe Group Manager Education Programs; Trevor Bailey, Sr. Director, WW Education

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #11 - Tacy Trowbridge—ConnectEd

Tacy Trowbridge discusses Adobe's support of the ConnectEd initiative and opportunities for involvement both as potential grant recipients education mentors/trainers for the new school participants.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #10 - Trevor Bailey—Creativity For All

Trevor Bailey shares trends about creativity in industry and education and shares Adobe's intention to make creativity accessible to everyone.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #09 - Five Minutes Of Fame—Flipped Classroom with Adobe Connect, Damien Bruyndonckx

Damien Bruyndonckx shares how Adobe Connect helped him lead a large lecture class on the day a transit problem kept him away from campus. The experience led him on an exploration of the flipped classroom model.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #08 - Storytelling Boot Camp

Melissa Jones, Adobe and Pip Cleaves, Design | Learn | Empower share the ability to tell your story is essential for any leader and innovator. Want to be a Creative and Innovative Leader? Then you need to be able to tell your story. You need to be able to help others to understand why your cause is so important to you and to them. Help them to see why they should join in Creativity in Education. This hands-on workshop will give you time to build your own narrative, and help you tell your own story and, in doing so, bring others to a common understanding of what drives you to do what you do.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #07 - Five Minutes Of Fame—Introducing Art Heroes, Kevin McMahon

Join educators everywhere in making a difference for nonprofit organizations by joining the Art Heroes project.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #06 - The Creative Application of Education, Erik Natzke

Einstein famously said, “Knowledge is limited; but imagination encircles the world.” The knowledge we acquire does empower us. But it isn’t until we find new and imaginative ways to apply this knowledge, that we begin to evolve ourselves. The mechanisms for acquiring knowledge and applying creativity are generally in conflict with one another. One is the systematic absorption of information and the other is a mode of play that often disrupts our progress to shake out discovery and gain a greater understanding of the known body of knowledge. The real trick comes when you can complete the loop and have play inspire learning and vice versa.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #05 - Students Become Entrepreneurs with Sentinel Design Lab, Cindy Schultz

This session introduces an innovative way for students to become entrepreneurs using Adobe products in the high school classroom and beyond. This program is a unique example of 21st century education at its best: an environment where students work with instructors to shape their own education and become productive members of the community. Students in this program receive experience and training vitally needed in the rapidly expanding digital design market, along with opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, entrepreneurship, and problem solving.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #04 - Teaching Business for Creatives—Best Practices, Renée Human

Learn about a course on business for creatives entitled the Business of Media Informatics taught at Northern Kentucky University. In this course, students learn to launch their professional careers and build and maintain a business. In a field where nearly three-fourths of all media designers and developers freelance at some point, students need to understand and develop key business practices.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #03 - Social Media Boot Camp, Rachel Luxemburg and Aiman Farooq

Bring your devices to this working session on social media strategies for leaders. Learn how social media can help you affect change in education. Level up your presence and make a difference.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #02 - Leading Creative Learning: Perspectives from the Field

Panelists: Pip Cleaves, Design | Learn | Empower; Jonathan Blake Huer, Ball State University; Nancy Dick, Lake Washington Institute of Technology; Andy Phelps, Rochester Institute of Technology; and Jeff Larson, Balboa High School. Watch this panel discussion on the challenges faced by leaders in the education space as we work to foster creative cultures of learning. Walk away with some ideas and strategies to help you move forward and step around roadblocks that can await you.

Sparking Creative Catalyst: #01 - Five Minutes Of Fame—Five InDesign Tips in Five Minutes, Linda Dickeson and Drawing—The New Literacy, Michael Gough

Linda Dickeson shares five new things you can do in InDesign that make creating publications easier and faster. Michael Gough discusses how drawing helps you approach problem solving in new ways and makes the case for drawing as a kind of literacy all of us should pursue.

Ask A Video Pro: From Photography to Videography

​Discover the filmmaking tools in Adobe Creative Cloud. This seminar will introduce the workflows and the video production tools included in Adobe Creative Cloud, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, and more.

Ask A Video Pro: After Effects for Editors

To many video editors, After Effects seems complex and a little intimidating. They'd like to add After Effects to their skill set, but they don't know where to start. If you can learn advanced software like Adobe Premiere Pro, you can definitely handle After Effects. Join us to learn more.

Ask A Video Pro: How to Build a Successful Corporate Video Business

Corporate video is exploding with the growth of web platform as the go-to place for video content. Over the past seven years, Mark Draeger has guided Phanta Media to becoming one of Canada’s preeminent video communications companies. Join Mark Drager, Founder of Phanta Media, to learn more about the strategic aspects of building a thriving video business, including a look at the Creative Cloud-driven production pipeline at Phanta.

Ask A Video Pro Live from NAB 2014: What's Coming Next in Creative Cloud

Your film editing and content creation are about to get easier and more exciting, thanks to powerful new features and enhancements coming soon to Creative Cloud. Live from NAB 2014, where Adobe will be previewing the next generation of pro video tools, Jason Levine will share what’s coming, including brand new workflows between some of your favorite apps. Jason will cover all the video applications with a focus on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects and will answers questions at the end.

Ask A Video Pro: 10 Tips for a More Efficient Editing Workflow

Editing is an artistic activity which is defined by practical tasks. Delivering great work is as much about creative vision as it is about keeping organized and working efficiently.

Using the example of Vincent Laforet’s Mobius, on which he served as senior editor, Vashi Nedomansky will share his top tips for keeping your postproduction workflow moving smoothly, from setting up your projects to best practices for editing, and quick tweaks to audio and color - all within Adobe Premiere Pro.

About the presenter:
Vashi Nedomansky was a professional hockey player for 10 years before moving full time into filmmaking and editing. He has edited seven feature films to date, including An American Carol, as well as numerous shorts, commercials and music videos. His current feature film project, “The Grind” is in postproduction. Learn more at

Ask A Pro: 3D Printing and Other New Features in Photoshop CC

Interested in learning about the newest features in Photoshop CC? Join Adobe experts Stephen Nielson, Adobe Photoshop Product Manager and Andy Lauta, Adobe 3D Printing Product Manager, for a live demonstration and discussion of powerful new features in Photoshop CC including 3D printing, Perspective Warp, Linked Smart Objects, and more. Whether you’re a Photoshop novice or expert, this session will have something for everyone.

Ask A Video Pro: Optimizing your system for peak performance with After Effects & Adobe Premiere

Join Todd Kopriva to learn more about optimizing peak performance with After Effects & Premier. Todd gives an interactive demonstration of both products.

Ask A Video Pro: Crafting the Perfect Image: From Camera to Color Grading

What used to be done with chemicals and film in a lab can now be done digitally on a laptop. Today's filmmakers need tools and techniques that allow them shape their images with artistry and precision.

Join Will Read who will use examples from recent projects, to show how:

  • Moving beyond online/offline to simplify your pipeline
  • Best practices for organizing a video project
  • Using Direct Link in an integrated editing/grading workflow
  • Introduction to the SpeedGrade color tools

Supercharge Acrobat with eSignatures

Discover six different methods of eSigning in Acrobat, including Adobe EchoSign integration, that can accelerate your signing process from weeks to hours to give you more time for what really matters. Find out about legal and security aspects, ways to get others to sign and approve your documents, ease-of-use with electronic signatures, and tracking via a central console.

How to Create Content for Adobe DPS Apps

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite can be used to create magazine apps, catalog apps, and apps containing corporate content for use on mobile devices. In this webinar, you will learn how easy it is to create interactive content for these apps, directly from InDesign CC.

Accelerated Web Design Workflows with Adobe's Latest Tools and Services

Join Chris Converse and Noha Edell as they explore new workflows for bringing your Photoshop design compositions to the web. Learn to make the most of the new Photoshop Generator plug-in, and create ready-to-use web graphics for use in HTML, CSS, Edge Animate, and Edge Reflow. What's more? Chris will share his techniques for creating a responsive web design without writing one line of code inside of Edge Reflow.

The Perpetual to Subscription-Based Software Evolution

Like those making software purchase decisions in many organizations, you may be thinking about making the move from buying perpetual software licenses to adopting a subscription-based a.k.a. term-based or SaaS model. And if so, you probably have some questions. Join Adobe and IDC's Amy Konary to learn about things to consider as you evaluate subscription-based licensing. Get some background on the industry's shift to this new model, and discover the potential pros and cons for IT, procurement, and other departments across your organization.

Creative Cloud for Education Enterprise customers: Overview, Deployment, and Management

Creativity is essential in every discipline, especially in our content-driven culture. Adobe Creative Cloud brings your entire creative world together in one place, helping you build rich learning experiences that engage and inspire. Learn how Creative Cloud provides access to Adobe desktop apps with new features, as soon as they're available, smart asset storage, collaboration services, and a wealth of online training.

Creative Cloud for enterprise: Overview, Deployment, and Management

Creativity is essential in every discipline, especially in our content-driven culture. Adobe Creative Cloud brings your entire creative world together in one place, helping you build rich learning experiences that engage and inspire. Learn how Creative Cloud provides access to Adobe desktop apps with new features, as soon as they're available, smart asset storage, collaboration services, and a wealth of online training.

Adobe Acrobat Productivity and EchoSign®

Explore how Adobe Acrobat XI can simplify the work you do every day. From creating PDF files, reviewing and approval documents, and analyzing forms, to protecting documents and providing electronic signatures, Acrobat is the industry-leading, most efficient tool for your projects and tasks. With Acrobat, your teams, students, and staff will be even more productive, and more effective.

Acrobat—PDF Security

PDF/A—PDF for Archiving—is an ISO Standard for the long term preservation of digital documents in the PDF format. Given that more and more government agencies are adopting PDF/A, commercial entities who interact with them will need to know how to create and conform existing PDF files.

Supercharge Acrobat® with eSignatures

Discover six different methods of eSigning in Acrobat, including Adobe EchoSign® integration, that can accelerate your signing process from weeks to hours to give you more time for what really matters. Find out about legal and security aspects, ways to get others to sign and approve your documents, ease-of-use with electronic sigs, and tracking via a central console.

What's New in Adobe Illustrator CC

Meet the most powerful and connected Illustrator ever. With Illustrator CC — part of Creative Cloud — you'll be able to work with type in more powerful ways. Place multiple files at once with full control, and create with a brush made from a photo. Design more easily for the web knowing you can quickly copy and paste automatically generated CSS code.

What's New in InDesign CC and Digital Publishing Suite

With InDesign CC—part of Creative Cloud—you can truly create content for any device and deliver it in any way that you need to. Learn about new features for CC, such as performance boosts, 64-bit support, retina display support, and QR code creation. But the most exciting aspect of InDesign CC is that you can create better EPUB files, PDF files, or full-blown apps in conjunction with the Digital Publishing Suite. You'll see how we enable a workflow from start to finish that will have you publishing excellent digital content to an iPad and beyond.

Promote Your Mobile App

Your mobile app only will make an impact if your customers can find and download it. Join Adobe and guest speaker Thomas Husson from Forrester Research for a one-hour seminar to learn best practices to promote your mobile app. Discover strategies you can use to increase the awareness and discoverability of your app—both through your own channels and in mobile app stores. Learn from short case studies what leading brands are doing to successfully drive downloads for their apps, and see examples of how they are doing so.

What's New: Creative Cloud for enterprise Overview and Photoshop CC

With Photoshop CC—part of Creative Cloud—your creative process becomes seamless, intuitive, and more connected. So much is new in Photoshop CC. Use the all-new Smart Sharpen tools to make details stand out. Turn low-res shots into big, high-res images. Get all the advanced 3D editing and image analysis tools, and more.

CCE Overview and Photoshop CC webinar

With Photoshop CC—part of Creative Cloud—your creative process becomes seamless, intuitive, and more connected. So much is new in Photoshop CC. Use the all-new Smart Sharpen tools to make details stand out. Turn low-res shots into big, high-res images. Get all the advanced 3D editing and image analysis tools, and more.

The Perpetual to Subscription-Based Sofware Evolution

Learn about subscription-based licensing and discover what it means for departments across your organization.

Amy Konary, Research Vice President Software Licensing and Provisioning, IDC
Jim Guerard, Vice President, Digital Media Enterprise Solutions

Ask A Video Pro: Bringing Storytelling to Wedding Videos

Wedding films should do the same as feature films or documentaries do. It’s never just about relaying facts: it’s about finding humanity – the real moments – in every story.- Jawad Mir

The powerful tools in Adobe Creative Cloud provide wedding and event filmmakers with a complete filmmaking toolset. There is virtually no limit to your creative scope – except for time and budgets. In this session you will learn how to bring storytelling techniques and feature film polish to your projects so that you can deliver great wedding films that stand out from the crowd. Discover how you can do more with Creative Cloud video applications, including:

  • How to organize content with Adobe Bridge CC
  • Building timelines that tell stories in Premiere Pro CC
  • Output to DVD with Encore CS6

Edge Animate — Making it Interactive

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Join Piotr Walczyszyn as he shows us how to add interactions to our web layouts with Edge Animate. We'll explore the visual nature of Edge Animate, and learn to add user interactions with the click of a mouse. Piotr will explain the structure of an Edge Animate composition, and show you how to add actions to both the the timeline, and design elements, to create a rich interactive environment for your users.

Measure Mobile App ROI

Measuring impact and ROI for mobile apps is a key part of many companies' mobile strategy. Join Adobe and guest speaker Julie Ask from Forrester Research for a one hour seminar to learn best practices on measuring ROI for your tablet or smartphone app. Discover strategies you can use to quantify the impact of your app, what factors you should look at, and how to weigh those with total cost-of-ownership. Learn also from short case studies what leading brands are doing to successfully quantify ROI for their apps, and see examples of how they're doing so.

Creative Cloud for Web Designers/Developers

Creative Cloud for Web Designers/Developers

Ask A Pro Creative Cloud for Video Pros

Creative Cloud for Video Pros

Ask A Pro: Using Edge Animate and Creative Cloud to for responsive web design

Using Edge Animate and Creative Cloud to for responsive web design

Ask A Pro: Creative Cloud for Web Designers/Developers

In this session Evangelist Paul Trani will take you through how Creative Cloud helps both web designers and developers work faster and smarter than ever before when building content for the modern, responsive web. Learn how to collaborate and share files as well as new ways to work with web fonts. See the latest in Photoshop, Illustrator and Reflow when creating web content, as well as discover the latest in Edge Tools and Services. A session not to be missed.

Ask A Pro: Adobe Edge Tools & Services Crash Course

The online world is changing thanks to new web technologies and the proliferation of devices and internet connections. So how can you stay on top of these new technologies and create compelling content for this new, modern web?

Adobe allows you to stay in the forefront by launching Adobe Edge Tools & Services. In this session, Adobe Evangelist, Paul Trani will demonstrate all you need to know about these powerful tools and services. Everything from Edge Animate, Edge Code, Edge Inspect, PhoneGap Build, and even a sneak of Edge Reflow, among many others. An onDemand session not to be missed for anyone interested in creating web content.

Ask A Pro: Illustrator CS6 -- Ask A CS Pro with Rufus Deuchler

Come see how you can be creative anywhere with Illustrator, Ideas and Adobe Creative Cloud, and then get a deep dive into the new ImageTrace feature in Illustrator CS6. Join Rufus Deuchler, worldwide design evangelist for Adobe, shares his techniques for creating on the go in Adobe Ideas and then polishing those designs in Illustrator CS6.

And in the second part of this session, Rufus will show you how to get your best results when vectorizing raster images with Illustrator’s Image Trace.

Ask A Pro: Streamlined DPS, Single Edition workflow

On September 19, Adobe announced that Creative Cloud members would be able to submit an unlimited number of single-issue iPad apps to the Apple App Store using Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, as part of their membership! Please join DPS Evangelist Colin Fleming in this exciting Ask a CS Pro session as he demonstrates the new, streamlined DPS, Single Edition workflow.

Ask A Pro: Using EDGE Animate to Design Interactive Websites with Adobe Agency Partner Terralever

Join this session as Adobe Product Manager Sarah Hunt, shows Adobe EDGE tools now available in Adobe Creative Cloud, including Edge Animate, to create interactive content using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, followed by guest presenters from Terralever, Adobe Agency Partner and renowned digital marketing agency. Terralever SVP of Interactive Production, David Foster, and Creative Director, Craig Budwitz will show their contest winning HTML5 work for the Children's Miracle Network, presenting their process from concept to completion. You'll learn about the tools used throughout the project and can ask your questions. This session is appropriate for anyone looking to expand their approach to creative design and development as well as anyone looking to understand uses for Edge Animate.

Ask A Pro: Adobe Muse – Adding and styling engaging, interactive elements

Join Adobe Muse Group Product Manager Dani Beaumont as she shows you how to engage your audiences by adding and styling interactive elements, such as lightboxes, tooltips, contact forms, and slide shows, to your Adobe Muse web sites. Next, you’ll learn how easy it is to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos, Google Maps, Facebook like buttons, and more.

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