Universal client

Use Adobe Reader to communicate with anyone, anywhere

With more than 500 million copies of Adobe® Reader® software installed around the world, you can be confident that if you send an Adobe PDF document, your audience will get what you sent.

Adobe Reader, the business world's universal client, allows anyone, anywhere in the world, using virtually any device — desktops, laptops, mobile devices — to view and interact with Adobe Intelligent Documents. With Adobe LiveCycle™ Reader Extensions software, your organization can provide its customers, partners, and constituents, who need only have Adobe Reader and a standard web browser, with the ability to:

  • Participate in business processes and workflows, even offline
  • Review documents with advanced drawing and markup tools
  • Save forms and data locally
  • Add comments
  • Apply digital signatures
  • Certify critical documents

Adobe Reader is available on most platforms and in many languages and is the de facto standard for reliable, more secure information exchange.

Learn more about the other technologies that make up the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform:

  • Adobe Document Services: Create, manage, and automate critical business processes with Adobe Document Services.
  • Intelligent Documents: Add business logic to digital documents while maintaining the high fidelity your business requires with the powerful combination of PDF and XML.

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