Master Mobile Analytics Live Webinar

23 April 2015

Consumers are spending the vast majority of their screen time in apps. Unfortunately, 54% of companies do not utilise app analytics. The result? Poor experiences, low ratings, and missed opportunities to engage or monetise customers.

If you are not measuring your apps yet, this live session - a mobile primer to get you up and running quickly - is a must for your mobile business. If you are measuring your apps it will give you recommendations on useful metrics and key performance indicators that you may not have instrumented, and it will also touch on optimisation of your apps based on this data.

Register for this live webinar to discover:

  • A mobile app analytics framework to understand app performance and engagement
  • Essential measurement capabilities such as lifecycle metrics, cohort analysis, and points of interest
  • How to start optimising the app experience for your customers using data and testing

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EMEA Summit 2015

29-30 April 2015 | ICC ExCel, London, UK

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