Data Driven Marketing Seminar

Gaining a 360-degree view of customers is one of the most important marketing goals in our digital world. And the ability to see each customer as an individual is crucial to every business’s success.

Everyone wants to be "data-driven," and to be known for making informed decisions guided by insightful analysis. But it’s not a simple task, especially when most organisations operate with patchworks of data - offline and online data from a variety of silos - awash in metrics.

To attract, impress and retain digitally savvy customers,  marketers need to be able to act on key customer data and insights across all channels and devices—and reach  customers wherever they are with relevant, custom experiences. To drive business results requires smarter people, better tools and more time than most people have. So what does it mean to be truly data-driven?

Register today to learn:

  • How to follow your customers through their entire journey
  • Turn data into a compelling story
  • How to have one to one conversations throughout the customer journey

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