Make sense of customer data

Consumers are increasingly demanding that brands build a relationship with them - they want relevance, personalisation and a streamlined customer experience and they don’t care how difficult that is for a brand to deliver.

As marketers we’ve been collecting data about our customers for a long time, but we’re only just realising that we now have the technology to help us make sense of that data, activate it and harness its power to make our marketing smarter and more efficient.

This webinar will explore the possibilities that are opened up when a brand thinks about the customer journey across both paid and owned media.

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•    The business benefits of developing long term relationships with customers and thinking about Life Time Value (LTV) rather than short term sales

•    Strategies for connecting digital advertising to the on site or in-app experience

•    Technology choices to support your advertising and optimisation needs

•    Examples of organisations that are seeing the benefits of thinking in this joined up way

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