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With close to $77 billion being spent on digital advertising, only the best-informed marketers stand out. Adobe can help you cut through the clutter.

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What is Adobe Media Optimizer?


Effective advertising starts with a powerful ad management platform: Adobe® Media Optimizer. You’ll get a consolidated view of how your media is performing, along with tools to both accurately forecast and continually optimize your media mix.

Solution overview

The Adobe Media Optimizer audience management capability “leads the pack” in Forrester Wave report.
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Media Optimizer capabilities.

Audience management

Audience management

The more you know about your customers, the more effectively you can reach them. Adobe gives you the data you need to segment those who are still browsing and those who are ready to buy, and get the right message in front of each.

Ad management and optimization

Social ad optimization

Media Optimizer lets you manage your search engine marketing campaigns, improve your display advertising investment, and maximize the reach of your social campaigns — all in one place.

Predictive modeling

Enhanced advertising

Using industry-leading algorithms, Adobe can help you plan the most effective media mix for your campaigns. We can even predict which scenarios will shift customers from awareness to purchase, before you use a single dollar of your ad spend.

You’ve got data. Use it wisely.

Lenovo increased their revenue by 175% with Media Optimizer.


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Who is Adobe Media Optimizer for?

Digital marketing leaders are responsible for deciding where, when, and how much to invest. They want to look past internal silos to see the entire funnel of digital advertising campaigns, the customer journey, and how customers made their purchase decision. And, yes, they need to deliver measurable results.


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Modeling and optimization using Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Modeling and optimization using Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Intelligently and quickly optimize your search marketing.


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Conquer marketing uncertainty.

Conquer marketing uncertainty.

Accurately predict results, even with spotty data and complex variables.


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Conquer marketing uncertainty.
Accurately predict results, even with spotty data and complex variables.

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