Best paperless apps to improve your digital workflow.

Discover how digital productivity apps can help you eliminate paper documents and improve your business's overall efficiency.

Between supply chain issues causing the costs of paper and ink to skyrocket and the transition to more digital workflows across all industries, most businesses are exploring the benefits of going paperless. If you’re ready to take your business paperless, there are numerous applications that can help improve your overall efficiency by eliminating the need for paper documents.

Three kinds of apps you need in a paperless workflow.

There’s an app for just about anything your business needs. However, if you’re looking to eliminate paper while keeping your business running, there are a few key types of apps you should prioritize. These include:

  1. Digital scanning apps: It’s likely you already have lots of paper documents you’ll need to archive into digital form. A scanning app makes it easy to convert these documents and save them to the cloud or other digital storage location.
  2. E-signature apps: To go genuinely paperless, you’ll need a way to execute important documents entirely digitally. That’s where e-signatures come in. With an e-signature app, you can sign documents anywhere while ensuring they’re just as secure as ink on paper.
  3. Cloud storage apps: You’ll need somewhere to keep all your digital documents. Cloud storage allows you flexible amounts of space and enables you to access your documents from any device at any time.

Beyond these apps, you’ll find a whole host of digital productivity tools that can handle everything from payroll to to-do lists, allowing you to work more efficiently, serve more clients, and get more done without being buried under mountains of paper.

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