How to make an invoice on Google Docs using templates.

A young man makes an invoice on Google Docs using a template from Adobe Acrobat.

Google Docs is an easy-to-use tool for drafting professional invoices. Learn how in just four quick steps.

Numerous platforms and software options can help you create professional invoices. What are the perks of learning how to create an invoice in Google Docs? If you operate a small business without relying on complex software, or if you’re simply new to writing invoices, one of the simplest, quickest tools to help you accomplish this task is Google Docs. What specific details should a professional invoice contain? What’s the most efficient way to create one using Google Docs? Keep reading to learn how to create an invoice model that’s flexible and always contains the relevant details.

How to make an invoice in Google Docs in 4 steps.

With Google Docs, you'll master how to create accurate, professional invoices in no time. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Google Docs account. You’ll see a button labeled Template Gallery in the home page section. Click it to get started.
  2. Pick out the right invoice template for your professional needs — you’ll have plenty to choose from. When you’ve selected the perfect one, save it to your Google Drive so you can open it automatically whenever you need to create an invoice.
  3. Edit your invoice as needed. Each time you need to change your template, simply log in to your Google account, select your invoice template, and modify it as needed.
  4. Save to your Drive, export your invoice as a PDF, email your invoice, or choose from several other options to complete this process.

What's required in a basic Google Docs invoice template?

You’ll need to know what key information to include when learning how to make an invoice in Google Docs. Having the right information from the start will help streamline the payment process and could even be useful for tax purposes.

Here’s what you should start with to make an invoice template for Google Docs:

Tips for creating an invoice template for Google Docs.

While your invoice template Google Docs won’t necessarily be your most important design decision, there are a few ways you can make it look more professional and straightforward.

Include these things for a more polished look:

To save time, create your template so that specific categories are automatically filled in whenever you access it. Those categories would be the ones that are the same every time, such as your business contact information.

Get your Google Docs invoice signed.

Once you’ve created a comprehensive invoice with Google Docs, your invoicing process is nearly complete. You may have to add a few details, like signatures, to your invoice. Fortunately, the step-by-step for how to add a digital signature on Google Docs invoice is pretty simple. Acrobat Pro with e-sign can help you streamline your recurring invoicing tasks, including all your electronic signature needs.