Why digitizing workflows is a must for HR teams.

Are you thinking about going digital with your human resources processes? Learn why digitizing workflows can help your HR teams succeed.

Simplify organization.

With digitization, all the files and paperwork you need are in neatly organized, easy-to-find folders and dashboards on the computer. Just type what you need in the search bar and find what you’re looking for instantly.

Digitization simplifies organization and saves your HR team valuable time digging through packed filing cabinets. They’ll be able to stay on top of tasks without losing paperwork in the shuffle.

Streamline processes.

With the instant and easy organization digitization brings to your company, your HR team can also streamline processes to maximize efficiency. No matter what file they need, it can be found in an instant to keep them on-task and efficient.

In addition to the speedy recovery of files, digitization can also streamline other HR processes like employee onboarding, leave and time management, and recruitment.

Instead of chasing employees down to fill out paperwork and collect signatures, your HR team can simply send a paperwork link to the employee’s email. The employee can then fill out and sign the paperwork with a few clicks and send it right back to your HR rep, making the entire process work more efficiently.

Better employee experience.

Instead of filling and signing paperwork by hand, which requires printers and scanners, employees can complete paperwork right from their computer with electronic signature software like Adobe Acrobat Sign Solutions.

Acrobat Sign Solutions integrates with major software systems designed to help streamline digitized workflows in HR and ERP, including:

  1. Workday
  2. ServiceNow
  3. Microsoft Dynamics
  4. Avature
  5. Bond
  6. and more

Employees can complete HR paperwork in their own time. When they can also sign documents online for even more simplicity, it no longer feels like a chore that takes up valuable work time.

Discover what more you can do with Acrobat Sign Solutions to help digitize your HR workflows and bring added efficiency to your office.