How to make a marketing proposal template.

A woman in an office creates a marketing proposal template.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you need to write a marketing proposal. Create a template to make the process faster and easier.

There are multiple parts that need to be included in a successful marketing proposal. To save time creating proposals from scratch every time — and help you remember what to include — it’s a good idea to create a template that you can fill out with information specific to the client.

What to include in your marketing proposal template.

When you create a marketing proposal, give detailed thought to the following points:

Your marketing proposal template shouldn’t be a static document. Remember to make changes as you learn which elements work and which don’t work to strengthen your proposals in the future.

Marketing proposal format.

While marketing proposal content will vary from client to client, there are some general guidelines for marketing proposal formatting:

Create fillable forms on marketing proposal PDFs.

Marketing proposals are a crucial first step to securing business with new clients. Creating an organized, readable document that answers all of the important questions, leaves a good impression on prospective clients. Adobe Acrobat can make creating marketing proposals a breeze with all the tools you need in one place.

Spreadsheets don’t always maintain their formatting across different devices. To make it easy for your team to collaborate across multiple devices, you can create a PDF with fillable forms using software like Acrobat. With fillable forms, you can share with your team marketing proposal PDFs that they can fill in, edit, and share without altering the formatting — no matter which device they use.

Discover how Acrobat can simplify creating marketing proposals for your business.