How to write a bill of sale for a motorcycle.

A man at a motorcycle dealership uses a tablet to review and sign a bill of sale for a motorcycle Learn how to write a bill of sale for a motorcycle and uncover the proper technique for creating one that’s accurate and professional.

Ready to sell your motorcycle to the highest bidder? When it comes time to let go, make sure that you understand the proper sales procedures.

Read this article to better understand how to sell your motorcycle legally and efficiently by creating a comprehensive bill of sale.

What is a motorcycle bill of sale?

A bill of sale is just like a receipt: It’s proof that you were part of a consensual transaction. You’re assembling and signing a document that proves you’re selling your motorcycle to another person.

A bill of sale protects you and the buyer from any issues. If a situation should arise, you have a verified document clearly outlining the transaction, the condition of the motorcycle at the time of the sale, and the current ownership of the motorcycle.

Paperwork needed to write a bill of sale for a motorcycle.

Before drafting a bill of sale for your motorcycle, you’ll need to gather the necessary paperwork. Here’s what you’ll typically need:

How to write a bill of sale for a motorcycle.

Creating a proper bill of sale for your motorcycle is easy — just follow the simple steps below. Start by checking your state’s rules and regulations about creating bills of sale. You might need to download a template from your DMV, or you might be able to create one yourself.

  1. Even if you’re not required to use your DMV’s bill-of-sale download, review and consider using it anyway. Alternatively, research other examples so you can understand what information a proper bill-of-sale template should contain.
  2. Include necessary information such as the buyer’s and seller’s contact information, names, and addresses. Also include the sale date, a description of the motorcycle, its condition at the time of sale, its serial number or VIN ID, the sale amount, the payment type, and so on.
  3. Sign the document and have the buyer sign it as well.

Writing a motorcycle bill of sale if it still has a lien.

When selling a motorcycle with a lien, you’ll need to consider additional steps. You’ll need to notify the lienholder and obtain the payoff amount. Coordinate with the buyer regarding the lien, pay it off, transfer the title, and provide a bill of sale to complete the transaction legally and smoothly.

Is signature notarization required when writing a motorcycle bill of sale?

Whether a signature notarization is required when writing a motorcycle bill of sale will vary by state. Some states do require notarization for validity, while others do not. Consulting the specific regulations in your state to make sure you’re compliant is always a good idea. However, having a signed bill of sale is generally recommended to serve as evidence of the transaction, regardless of notarization requirements.

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