10 benefits of digitizing documents and files.

Paper files might be good, but digital documents are even better. Check out these ten benefits of digitization that will help your organization get ahead.

Why should you digitize documents?

There’s more than just one benefit to digitizing documents. Boost your business with the ten benefits to going digital:

  1. Better storage capacity — What takes up more space: a room full of filing cabinets or a single hard drive?
  2. Easy accessibility — It’s much easier for employees to click on a file folder than sift through cabinets. Multiple people can search simultaneously for even more accessibility.
  3. Fast file retrieval — Instead of wading through countless folders, simply type what you’re looking for into a search bar and find it instantly.
  4. Easier and faster collaboration – Skip the task of making file copies to share with coworkers. Send them in an email and collaborate in real-time, even when you’re not in the same room.
  5. Greater organization —You can’t put a thousand files into a folder in a cabinet, but you can with a hard drive.
  6. Increased security — Forget locks and keys. Digital document files are encrypted and secure. It’ll take more than a hammer to access your documents.
  7. Save on resources — Stop buying paper and toner for physical documents and save money on office supplies.
  8. Environmentally friendly — Less paper means less waste. The environment will thank you.
  9. Better data recovery — Digital backups can restore your files, even after a catastrophic failure. If you lose your paper files, they’re gone forever.
  10. File longevity — Paper files get worn out over time. Digital documents stay pristine forever.

How to go digital.

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