15 remote work best practices for your business.

Learn some of the most impactful best practices for improving your remote work strategy.

Remote work has become a popular topic as the rise of work-from-anywhere jobs has increased. As you join the ranks of digital nomads, you’ve likely noticed there are unique challenges that come with it.

The key to optimizing your work from home (or wherever you may be) strategy? The right list of remote work best practices.

Remote work strategy can change your business.

When you work from anywhere, you choose a certain degree of freedom. But for all its pros, remote work has some challenges, too — scheduling, creating an ideal work-life balance, and acquiring the right tools are just the start.

The good news? With a concise list of remote work best practices, you can be on your way to optimizing your work from home strategy and doing what you do even better than before.

The top 15 ideas for remote work best practices.

Below are a few ideas for remote work best practices that could benefit your business.

  1. Set strict work hours — and stick to them.
  2. Eliminate household distractions.
  3. Focus on taking regular breaks.
  4. Invest in the right tools that make remote work fast and easy.
  5. Make team meetings a priority.
  6. Distinguish your office space from the rest of your home.
  7. Set your work mentality.
  8. Focus on your own well-being.
  9. Understand the platforms you’re using.
  10. Regularly check in with colleagues, bosses, and co-workers.
  11. Build accountability into your at-home schedule.
  12. Clearly define and communicate responsibilities.
  13. Practice good meeting etiquette.
  14. Emphasize good and clear communication.
  15. Set healthy boundaries.

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