Work with document digitization software remotely.

A woman sitting at a table uses document digitization software on her phone to scan a paper document.

Say goodbye to cluttered paperwork and hello to streamlined efficiency with document digitization software.

Businesses are always looking for new ways to speed up their processes and be more efficient. Now, as more and more employees work remotely, digitization software is an essential office tool. As you start to reduce or eliminate the need to move paper documents between remote teams, you can streamline your business and speed up your workflow too.

What is document scanning software for electronic scanning?

Document scanning software is the technology that lets a computer user input information into a scanner, which then changes a paper document into a virtual image.

Why use document digitization software?

Document scanning software, sometimes called document imaging software, can turn any paper document into a digital file. With a mobile scanner app, you can use your mobile phone to scan a document and convert it to PDF with just a few clicks.

Electronic document scanning is critical for remote teams. Employees working from their homes or other remote locations often don’t have full-sized printer/scanner access.

With these valuable software tools, executives and other employees who must travel for work can stay productive in a digital world.

Types of electronic scanning software.

There are multiple types of digital document scanning options you can utilize.

Smartphones make excellent tools for electronic document scanning. Your phone camera can scan QR codes to see restaurant menus, websites, and more. Many phones nowadays can scan documents using native scanning software, an example being the iPhone notes app. There are also many phone apps that use document digitization software to scan handwritten notes to convert them to digital documents.

A portable scanner is a lightweight device that can be easily taken with you from your office to your home to transform documents into a digital format. These devices make it easy to digitize images on the go.

Key features of document digitization software.

Paper document scanning software creates more organization for your important files.

The following key features are some of the many reasons why document digitization software has an advantage over a physical scanner:

  1. Elevated security. Document digitization software can help store your important documents safely by requiring passwords and other protections to access the content.
  2. Less paper storage. No need to take up office space with lines of filing cabinets. By digitizing your documents, they can be stored safely in a document management system.
  3. Environmentally conscious. Less paper means less waste, fewer trees cut down, and cleaner air.
  4. Lower costs. Storing files through a document digitization platform can be more cost-effective than renting file cabinets for your office.
  5. Convenient. You don’t have to go digging through piles of paperwork anymore. You can easily search for documents on your computer or phone.

Document management and digitization software create less clutter and more time to focus on important tasks rather than looking around for the proper paperwork. With software for scanned documents, it is easier to help your teams get the resources they need.

Where do files get stored with digital document scanning?

Where your digital documents are stored when it comes to digital document scanning will depend on the device or app you are using. Some digital document scanning apps have their own cloud storage you can use to store scanned files. If you are using a smartphone, scanned content will open in your app that stores photos.

Best practices for using electronic scanning remotely.

When scanning a document, you want the content to be as legible as possible. Handwriting should be neat, and dark-colored ink should be used if possible to ensure the scanning technology is able to correctly interpret the writing.

In order to download scanned content, be sure you have the storage space to do so; otherwise, you cannot scan your documents.

When scanning QR codes, ensure they are secure and made by the business you are trying to get information on before scanning to avoid potential malware.

Document management and digitization.

Choosing the right document digitization software will keep your work moving along. A digitization scanner is essential for work in a remote office. Quality digitizing document software with functionality, features, and tools created for busy professionals will enable your remote team to stay paperless.

Reports, receipts, presentations, and more can be converted to PDF with Adobe Acrobat so you can share them with your team. You can also do this using Adobe Acrobat online services.

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