How to create a collaborative to-do list.

Get more done with a comprehensive to-do list you can share with your entire team.

They say, “many hands make light work,” but while getting many hands (people) involved may not be difficult, keeping them focused and on-task can be its own challenge. However, you can ensure that your team is always on the same page with the right tools.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a collaborative to-do list that’s shared with everyone on your team, keeping everyone up to date with the progress of any project.

Make a collaborative to-do list online.

A great way to create a to-do list that your whole team can collaborate on is to build it online. That way multiple users can easily access, edit, and make comments on the same document.

To create and share a collaborative to-do list, just follow these five steps:

  1. Use a PDF editor to begin creating your list.
  2. List out all the tasks that need completion.
  3. Add interactive checkboxes to note whether a task is complete.
  4. Share your list with the people or groups you want to contribute to its completion.
  5. Give all your co-collaborators editor permissions so they can make notes, check off tasks, and add comments and questions.

The most critical thing to keep in mind when creating collaborative to-do lists is building a list that makes it easy for each collaborator to track their assigned tasks. A good rule of thumb and a surefire way to avoid confusion is to keep your template simple and assign tasks by color or category.

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