How to export text messages to a PDF.

Turn your iPhone conversations into a PDF document with these tools and tips.

Sometimes it's good to have a paper trail for reference, documentation, or even legal purposes. With an iPhone and Adobe Acrobat DC, you can convert your conversations to secure documents in a snap. Learn how.

Five easy steps to turn texts into documents.

Whether it’s as simple as upgrading your phone and wanting to keep your favorite conversations, or a more serious situation like saving conversations for legal documentation, getting messages off your phone and into a secure and shareable PDF can give you peace of mind. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open iMessage on your Mac. First, use the message app to sync your iPhone and Mac. Then, open the app on your computer, and it should load all conversations from your iPhone.
  2. Choose your conversation. Select the conversation you're trying to export by clicking on the name of the group or sender.
  3. Let the conversation load. Be sure to give the entire thread time to load — or at least as far back as you want to save.
  4. Export away. With the conversation loaded and group selected, navigate to File, select Print, and choose the Save As PDF option. Save to your desktop, to the cloud, or wherever you typically securely store your files.

New PDF possibilities.

Learn what more you can do with Acrobat DC to convert, share, and send PDFs. And while you're at it, explore how you can access these features on the go with Acrobat online services.