Combine PDFs in Linux with these merging methods.

A man in an office merges PDF files using Linux.

Whether you’re working in Linux, macOS, or Windows, merge PDFs easily with this online tool.

PDFs make it easy to sign, send, share, and collaborate on documents. Regardless of your computer’s operating system — be it Linux, Windows, or macOS — using PDFs ensures your document’s text, formatting, images, and general layout will remain intact.

Online tools make it even easier to perform all of these shared functions — even ones that may seem challenging. Take merging PDFs, for instance. Combining long documents can be a headache, taking time and slowing down your computer. But with online merge technology, you can easily upload your PDFs, combine them, reorder PDF pages, and share — all in one place. Now, cumbersome tasks are made easy.

Combine two PDFs in Linux online with Adobe Acrobat.

If you’re working online in Linux and want to quickly combine two PDFs, you can get it done with the Acrobat online PDF merge tool, which you can find using your favorite internet browser. Split, add, re-order, merge, and edit PDF documents in minutes.

Adobe Acrobat online allows you to do that and more for free, using only one program without downloading any additional software to achieve your work, academic, and personal tasks using PDFs.

Open the PDF merge tool and then follow these quick steps to easily compile multiple documents in one online location:

  1. Click the Select Files button to choose the files you want to merge.
  2. Upload or drag and drop your files into the file field.
  3. Reorder, rearrange, and remove pages of your documents as needed.
  4. Merge your files by clicking Merge Files.
  5. Sign in to download or share your new, combined master file.

How to merge multiple files in Linux command line.

There are times at work or school where you may need to merge multiple PDF files while working in the Linux command line. If you are working from a Linux computer system, you will need to download a PDF reader to open, view, and read PDF files. You can also choose to download Ghostscript, a program designed to interpret and copmress certain file types so your Linux device can read and edit PDF files.

Do more with PDFs.

Whether you’re working on a Linux, macOS, or Windows operating system, you can open, view, merge, and annotate PDF files to complete your work, school, or personal tasks successfully.

Adobe Acrobat makes your life easier, helps you work more efficiently, and offers all the tools you need in one place to work from anywhere on any device.

No matter your work or academic needs, Adobe offers a wide variety of services to easily combine your PDFs in Linux, macOS, or Windows.

Explore what you can do with Acrobat and Acrobat online services to easily combine, split, reorder, edit, and share your PDFs in Linux or across operating systems in minutes.