How to create a blank PDF resume template.

Learn how to create an editable blank resume template PDF that you can use when applying to jobs online.

Designing a brand-new resume for every application can be tiring. Create a blank resume template PDF that you can fill out specifically for each job to save time and effort during your job hunt.

What to include on a resume template.

To stand out as a strong candidate, you should include at least the following information:

Design your resume template with spaces for each of these bullets. Then, when the perfect job comes around, simply fill out the sections and submit your resume.

If you don’t want to spend time designing it yourself, you can also download blank resume template PDFs from the internet.

Make your template into a PDF.

Most people like to design their resumes in Microsoft Word. It’s a great program for writing and designing resumes, but it’s not practical for viewing. If a potential employer has a different device, your formatting might not appear correctly.

Before you submit your resume, convert your Word file into a PDF. PDFs maintain their formatting, no matter the device. With software like Adobe Acrobat online services, you can follow these steps to easily convert your files or create new PDFs.

Once in PDF form, you’re free to edit, add sections, and send your resume without disturbing the format.

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