What is graph paper? How is it used?

One useful tool that is often overlooked is graph paper. This article explores some of the many uses for these tried-and-true squares on a page. You may be surprised.

Graph paper is helpful for more than just making graphs. Sure, it works great for plotting X and Y coordinates to get a visual representation of their relationship, but you can do so much more with graph paper. It is one of the foundational tools of math, science, and art. By making a graph paper PDF, you can create the perfect, reusable tool for your design, sketch, and problem-solving needs. Creating a graph paper PDF can also be accomplished using an online PDF editor like Acrobat Acrobat online services.

Uses for graph paper.

A graph paper PDF is easily created by converting an excel spreadsheet or a drawing program. You can make templates of varying scales to meet the needs of your projects. You can print them for drawing, plotting, and keeping things organized. The uses are nearly limitless.

Below are some great ideas for how to use graph paper:

Once you’ve discovered the many uses for graph paper, you’ll be glad you have a graph paper PDF. It’s a valuable tool for solving problems, conveying ideas, and exploring your creative side. Discover everything you can do with Acrobat to convert, share, and send PDFs.